Silvia Tortosa's last will that affects her ex-husband

This Saturday, Silvia Tortosa died at 77 years of age.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 March 2024 Sunday 17:01
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Silvia Tortosa's last will that affects her ex-husband

This Saturday, Silvia Tortosa died at 77 years of age. With this, the world of cinema and theater is in total mourning as it bids farewell to one of the most recognized and beloved actresses on the national scene.

"It has all been very unexpected. No one expected it. We have had some terribly hard years in every sense. And after she, who was a fighter, overcame breast cancer, this complication came to her that has been devastating. It was, as she happened to his father, that the disease took him in a month with something very similar," said Carlos Cánovas, his widower, to ABC.

And this is exactly the one that is fully topical due to the latest news revealed by the Fiesta program. According to what they said, their relationship, which ended a long time ago, did not do so in the best possible way. So much so, that those around him fear that he will present himself to the media as "the grieving widower."

"She is not expected at that farewell funeral. I just received a message from these people who have been hand in hand with her these days and are freaking out with these types of statements from Carlos. They do not expect him and do not want him to go." "said Amor Romeira in the aforementioned program.

And this refusal for him to attend the funeral is due to the last wishes of Silvia Tortosa in this regard, who made it very clear that she did not want him to attend. "There is a background that we do not know and that Carlos plays with that trick that he knew perfectly well that Silvia was very discreet and that he did not want anything about his private life to transcend, but, coincidentally, this environment knows the problems that there have been," he added. Love.

Omar Suárez, for his part, stated that the actress's representative had told him that Carlos Cánovas ignored her state of health. "He knew Silvia's situation and he didn't bother to ask or worry about anything," he said.

This was the last love of Silvia Tortosa, whom she met 16 years ago, in 2008, and whom she had been with for 23 years. "He is a very intelligent man, with extraordinary technical capacity at the level of sound, image and editing. He has me amazed. He has a very good character, I am a very impulsive person," she said a few years ago. But it seems that their relationship suffered.

Carlos Cánovas is the third of the men who have marked the life of the actress. He is joined by Hermann Bonnin, whom she married when she was 19, and Charles Davis, her second husband, who died from pulmonary edema and metabolic cardiomyopathy.