Sergio Rico's gratitude to Alba Silva after her worst months: "I would choose you as a woman a thousand times more"

Sergio Rico has been reborn.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
19 November 2023 Sunday 16:05
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Sergio Rico's gratitude to Alba Silva after her worst months: "I would choose you as a woman a thousand times more"

Sergio Rico has been reborn. The Sevillian goalkeeper, who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain, suffered an accident at the end of May at the El Rocío pilgrimage while riding bareback, having to be urgently admitted to the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville. The injuries resulting from the head trauma were so critical that doctors had to induce a coma.

They were weeks of nerves and uncertainty for the athlete's family, especially for his wife, journalist Alba Silva, who did not leave his side. He wanted to dedicate his latest publication on social networks to her, with an emotional message in which she opens up and confesses all her love for him; in addition to being deeply grateful for his unconditional affection.

"After this time after the accident that occurred... I have no choice but to thank you, my wife; the person who has been helping and supporting me... Not only in what happened, but since the day we met It's been almost 8 years now. To you, Alba," the athlete begins by writing, referring to his wife, after having already publicly thanked all his family and friends.

"Today I wanted to thank you, my love," the goalkeeper continues writing, insisting: "because you deserve it, because you have fought like a champion and you have never given up," he says, ensuring that the journalist was "blindly" confident in his recovery. .

"I am very lucky to have a person like you by my side," says the footballer, launching a true declaration of love: "I would choose you as a woman a thousand times more!"

The goalkeeper also takes the opportunity to congratulate his wife on her new project, in which she will soon make the jump to television. "Once again you show your good heart and your knowing how to deal with any type of adversity," he says, ensuring that "that's why I fell in love with you from the first day." The Sevillian finishes, adding once again: "I love you very much, darling."

Obviously, the journalist, moved by her husband's words, responded without delay in the comments: "In the beautiful and in the not so beautiful, I always love you my life."

The Sevillian journalist is largely unknown to the general public, but her followers grew like wildfire on social media after her husband's accident, thanks to her charisma and sweet personality.

Her fans will now have the opportunity to get to know her much better thanks to WAGS. They also play, a new docuseries in which the Sevillian woman makes herself known to the popular public, showing what the life of women who live alongside stars of the football world is like.

In the docuseries, Alba Silva will show what it has been like to live through her husband's slow recovery process. It should be noted that the Andalusian had already started recording the project when the accident occurred and that she had to stop everything due to the event. When Rico returned home and the situation stabilized, Silva resumed her work.