More problems for Bertín: delicate state of health and Gabriela Guillén's burofax

Concern continues about the state of Bertín Osborne's health.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
10 March 2024 Sunday 23:16
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More problems for Bertín: delicate state of health and Gabriela Guillén's burofax

Concern continues about the state of Bertín Osborne's health. The television presenter has started the year as he ended it: surrounded by controversy and in the center of the media spotlight. At the beginning of January, the long-awaited birth of his son with Gabriela Guillén took place, with whom he continues to be immersed in a media war after confessing that he did not want to be a father and after the paternity suit that the businesswoman had filed.

However, the situation between both parties could take a radical turn at any time, since a few days ago, different media outlets suggested that the singer had changed his attitude with Gabriela Guillén and that he would even be willing to meet her son. A decision that could put an end to one of the most high-profile confrontations today.

But in the midst of his battle with the mother of his seventh child, the presenter has another open front: his health. A few weeks ago the news broke that the singer had had to cancel some of his concerts due to health problems. After several weeks away from the stage, Osborne reappeared at his Alicante concert, where he explained the bad health moment he was going through. "He had been in bed for eight days without being able to get up. He had never been so sick," he declared.

And although the singer hoped to resume his work commitments as soon as possible, it seems that the Covid symptoms that he suffered four months ago continue to take their toll on his daily life. This Monday, journalist Paloma García-Pelayo revealed on the Sonsoles Ónega program that ''Bertín had gone to a clinic in Córdoba'' to receive ''outpatient treatment''. ''He is not admitted, he has only attended this clinic where they are administering intravenous medication because he has had a decrease in his defenses. He tells me "I have no defenses and they are giving me vitamins and minerals," the collaborator said.

Although the singer feels "fine," the doctors have recommended that he should rest and calm. ''He hasn't fully recovered. His life is now focused on this (...) He has been diagnosed with persistent Covid, the symptoms do not disappear, especially a continuous cough that sometimes forces him to stop,'' he stressed.

For her part, Beatriz Cortázar said in the Antena 3 program that she had had the opportunity to speak with Gabriela Guillén about the paternity lawsuit. ''It has confirmed to me that a burofax has been sent to Bertín Osborne. He also tells me that it has been received and that he has no response (...) he is looking forward to this procedure coming to an end and for this to be clarified and for them to leave her alone,'' the journalist said.

Moments later, Paloma García-Pelayo responded to her partner with the singer's version. ''I asked her on Friday if she had received any writing or communication and her response was ''no,''" the collaborator said.