Lucía Rivera captures all eyes at Madrid Fashion Week

Madrid dresses up this week for one of the most important events in the world of fashion in our country.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 September 2023 Thursday 22:57
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Lucía Rivera captures all eyes at Madrid Fashion Week

Madrid dresses up this week for one of the most important events in the world of fashion in our country. From September 12 to 17, the capital hosts a new edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It is during this event where the designers of the moment meet to present their proposals for their next collections to critics. This is the case of Isabel Sanchís, who presented her Spring/Summer 24 collection on the catwalk this Friday at 12:30 noon, in the Mercedes-Benz Room. In this parade she has dazzled Lucía Rivera, whom the designer has counted on to show off her new designs.

Lucía Rivera has been able to fulfill her dream of dedicating herself to one of the most complicated professions in the world: being a professional model. The daughter of the bullfighter Cayetano Rivera and the actress Blanca Romero has been able to pose on some of the best-known catwalks on the planet, all thanks to her good work and her status on social networks as an influencer. That is why some of the most prominent brands in our country count on it for their fashion shows. This Friday, the young woman, 25 years old, walked for Isabel Sanchís at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, and she did not go unnoticed.

The fourth day of Madrid Fashion Week brought with it Isabel's presentation. The Spanish designer attended the event with her daughter Paula, and she did so with a very surprising proposal. Sanchís explained the main theme of her collection: the feathers, which did not stop flying on the big screen at Ifema. The theme of Sebastián and Mia, a song from the film La La Land, became the soundtrack of the parade, in which several of the most prominent Spanish models gradually began to appear, such as Lorena Durán, Pino Montesdeoca and Lucía Rivera. .

As in other past collections, all the designs revolve around the feather, which has been present in a large part of the collection, being used in printed silks, manual painting and new techniques applied to bodies and dresses. As for the colors, those that evoke the sunset and the rebirth of nature in spring have predominated, such as orange, lime, black and metallic gold.

As for the material that makes up the spectacular looks, it has been observed that draped and pleated chiffon dresses predominate, creating silhouettes with movement, full of vitality. In addition, new techniques and volumes are integrated into the looks, and experiments are made with horsehair, recycled plastics and new manual finishes. Without a doubt, some of the most impressive looks that have not gone unnoticed.

Who did not go unnoticed was not Blanca Romero's daughter either. Lucía looked spectacular with one of Isabel's lime designs, proving once again that she was born to dedicate herself to modeling, even though she has not had it easy to dedicate herself to this world. Precisely, a few months ago the young woman revealed how hard the world of modeling is. She did it in an interview for Las Uñas, the Flooxer program in which Sindy Takanashi talks to different personalities while she gives them a manicure.

Rivera made reference during this talk to a moment he experienced shortly after taking his first steps in the universe of parades. There it became clear to him that bodily impositions are the order of the day in this profession. "I came in, I was going to go to Paris and they told me, 'For Paris you have to be anorexic,'" she expressed in the talk. "For example, they even told me that spinach made you bloated, so I shouldn't eat spinach," she revealed.

Despite all these unpleasant episodes, the model has managed to make a name for herself in the world of fashion and claims that you have to be yourself. "Don't stop being yourself to please others. Don't try to be what they expect of you. Fear is normal and it's a mirage of what matters to you; you shouldn't let it paralyze you, much less silence you," he commented. during the talk.