These 16 Instagram Accounts Are Some You Should Follow If You're a Car Fan

Instagram is that social network where we can see the cars of our dreams.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
03 April 2024 Wednesday 11:31
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These 16 Instagram Accounts Are Some You Should Follow If You're a Car Fan

Instagram is that social network where we can see the cars of our dreams. There are various accounts specialized in promoting a lifestyle focused on the world of motors and showing the latest, most luxurious, striking and expensive cars to hit the market. From photographers to magazines, through dealerships and content creators, we have made a selection of 15 profiles that every car lover should have on their radar, ordered from largest to smallest number of followers.

Supercarblondie is the name that motoring influencer Alex Hirschi has on social media. This Australian, who has 16 million followers on Instagram, tests the most spectacular cars in the world. Her network profile will be able to please car lovers.

CarLifestyle is a project by content creator Gabe Florido with a lot of activity and 4.3 million followers. This account is closely linked to current events in the motor industry, through reviews that are ideal for keeping up to date with all the news in the sector.

Behind this account that lives up to its name is a motor enthusiast based in Toronto (Canada). And in his profile we can find all kinds of images and videos about cool cars, from event coverage to sponsored content, including memes.

Black List is a lifestyle magazine that showcases the cars of your dreams. From classics to sports cars, you can spend hours watching galleries of spectacular cars, as well as videos with a didactic and fresh approach.

SpeedHunters has created a community of 2 million users around it with a passion for urban culture, tuning and the fastest racing vehicles.

The Japanese Wataru Kato is the founder of a brand of body customization that leaves no one indifferent. His specialty is high-performance sports cars, although he has also commissioned trucks and SUVs.

A profile dedicated to praising Singer, the historic American manufacturer, through reinterpretations based on the design of the Porsche 911.

This is the professional account of a photographer based in Los Angeles (California) who has collaborated for media such as Hot Rod magazine or the aforementioned Speedhunters. Restored classics or competition stock cars are his favorite cars.

Alex Penfold is a true car hunter based in London. His mission is to photograph every Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti that passes by.

Dub Magazine is a magazine that has been following the most ostentatious, big, tuned cars with huge wheels for two decades.

In honor of its name, the mission of this veteran lifestyle account is to keep its followers up to date with the fastest hypercars on the planet, the latest luxury models and the latest events in the automotive industry.

This is an account whose content revolves around all types of classic cars, ready to turn you into a fan... even when you thought you didn't like them.

Beverlly Hills Car Club is one of the most popular classic car dealerships in the world, which has managed to create a community of 280,000 loyal users on Instagram. Since it is located in one of the areas with the highest purchasing power on the planet, its content is focused on promoting some of the most exclusive and expensive models they have for sale.

Photographer Amy Heynes travels the world in search of the most special cars that she can photograph and, incidentally, pose with. With a special taste for vintage models and sepia colors, scrolling through her feed is a delight to the eye!

George Williams is another of the specialized photographers on this list, who has recently been recognized as one of the 200 best in the world. His style is characterized by a very polished image, full of color, contrast and good taste for cars.

SIX2SIX is a Spanish company dedicated to planning events related to the world of motors. Multiple manufacturers have sponsored the incredible routes and meet-ups of the most luxurious cars in Europe.