You have surely seen this sticker on many cars: find out when it is advisable to wear it

Road safety is of utmost importance, especially when traveling by car with children.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 March 2024 Monday 16:30
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You have surely seen this sticker on many cars: find out when it is advisable to wear it

Road safety is of utmost importance, especially when traveling by car with children. Therefore, all the security measures you can adopt are important. From having approved seats to a correct attitude behind the wheel. In addition, there are measures you can take to warn other vehicles to also follow road rules, such as 'baby on board' stickers.

The sticker informs other drivers that there is a baby in the car, which may cause them to drive more cautiously around your vehicle. In addition, they can be a warning to follow road safety regulations, such as not exceeding the speed limit.

On the other hand, in the event of an accident, the sticker can alert emergency crews that there is a baby in the car, which can affect how they handle the situation. In addition to taking into account that there could be a child missing in an accident.

These stickers can also serve as a reminder to the driver that there is a baby in the car, which can influence their own driving behavior, taking a more cautious and conscientious attitude behind the wheel.

If you have children and you still don't have one of these stickers on your car, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have made a selection of models and styles so that you can choose the one that best suits your car. Some can be personalized and others have original designs that will give a touch of personality to your car.

Car sticker to signal with originality and clearly that a baby is traveling in your car. This sticker must be placed on the outside of the vehicle and is available in different sizes. The colors are vibrant, although they may vary over time given exposure to sunlight and weather.

Adhesive sticker suitable for car or motorcycle. It has dimensions of approximately 18x20 cm and its placement is very simple. It should be placed on smooth and clean surfaces, such as glass, which is why it is perfect for placing on the rear window of a car. Although it can also be placed on metal, plastic and bodywork. In addition, the sticker is laminated in gloss so that the color lasts longer and is more attractive.

Personalize your 'baby on board' sticker and decorate your car or motorcycle with style. Choose the model you like the most and proudly show that you have a small passenger on board. The size is easily visible on the road, increasing the safety of your baby while traveling by car or motorcycle. You can find a good variety of designs so you can choose the one that best suits your style and personalize it according to your baby.

If you prefer a sign that can be easily attached and removed from the car, this will be your best option. It sticks with a suction cup and is easy to adhere to the rear window and remove. The yellow signal will draw the attention of cars driving behind your vehicle so that they are careful when passing it. Black text will stand out and be clearly seen quickly and easily.

If you are looking for an original 'baby on board' sticker for your car or motorcycle, this one from Silvestre will be a perfect option for you. With a message that is clearly read and the red color will stand out to attract the attention of other vehicles. You can stick it on smooth and clean surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic or car bodies. Plus, it's gloss laminated for longer life.

The perfect solution to prevent your little one from removing their arms from the harness while driving. A simple, versatile and safe solution to ensure that your child stays in their seat while you drive. This product is safe and approved for any harness or seat. In addition, it is recommended for babies from 6 months to 4 years of age. Very easy to place but difficult for children's little hands to remove.

The seat belt adjuster is made of cotton fabric, skin-friendly, comfortable, safe and not deformed. It provides maximum safety and protection and the breathable material prevents damage from skin friction. You won't have to worry about sudden braking as the car seat belt pad is designed with Velcro and has a buckle with a snug wrap, so that the seat belt won't slip or twist.

If your child usually unbuckles his seat belt while driving, this will be your best solution. This is a buckle lock that prevents your child from getting out of the harness system. With the hook tape you can adjust the seat belt protector perfectly to the size of your car's buckle. In the event of an accident, your child is safely buckled up.

This seat belt pad is designed so that children will not be bothered by friction with the seat belt. It is available in different designs so you can choose your favorite. Ensures an ergonomic neck position, allowing your child to sleep peacefully and maintain a healthy posture during car trips. In addition, the cover is machine washable, ensuring easy and efficient cleaning after each adventure.

The baby rearview mirror is convex and provides a wider field of vision. It is perfect for controlling children in the back seat, improving their safety and your peace of mind behind the wheel. It is designed with a wide-angle ball head that ensures your child is always in front of her eyes. Plus, it can swivel and tilt 360 degrees, so you can flexibly adjust the mirror to see better.

* Prices updated as of March 12, 2024