The best-selling clotheslines: take advantage of the good autumn weather to save on the dryer

In autumn the temperatures are mild and there are many sunny days.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 September 2023 Monday 16:28
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The best-selling clotheslines: take advantage of the good autumn weather to save on the dryer

In autumn the temperatures are mild and there are many sunny days. Therefore, we can choose to dry our clothes outdoors and prevent our electricity bill from skyrocketing due to the use of the dryer.

On the other hand, we must keep in mind that in autumn the weather is changeable and the best solution is to have a folding clothesline that allows us to bring it inside the house in no time if it starts to rain.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we explain all the benefits of drying clothes outdoors and we propose the best-selling and best-rated removable clotheslines on the market.

This tower-type clothesline from the Amazon Basics brand is very useful because it is foldable, takes up very little space and has 40 meters of space to hang.

It is also equipped with two hangers with space for 14 hangers, and multi-directional swivel wheels. Its six wings are foldable so you can only deploy the essential ones for your laundry.

This is the best-selling folding winged clothesline. A traditional style model that has 20 meters of hanging space, four supports for hanging small garments without clips, and two wavy rope rods for hanging hangers.

In addition, it folds very easily, its structure is very stable and its rods are resistant to rust.

This folding and extendable clothesline differs from the ones we have proposed so far because it must be fixed to the wall. When closed, nothing sticks out, and when unfolded it has 8 meters of hanging space.

It is an ideal solution for hanging delicate clothes that we cannot put in the dryer or if we live alone and do not need a large clothesline for our clothes. In addition, we can install it in the bathroom, laundry room or balcony.

This model from the Gimi brand is the classic folding wing clothesline that we have all seen or had. In addition, it is the best seller on Amazon.

A model that measures 180x55x93 cm, very light (2.75kg) to be able to move it easily, with 18 meters in length to hang the laundry, very resistant steel railings and non-slip legs.

This is the classic folding clothesline that we all know, that we have surely had some at home and that are very useful for hanging clothes both indoors and outdoors.

This model from the Rayen brand is made of steel with a metallic gray paint coating; It has 20 meters of space to hang; It is foldable and takes up very little space; It's very light; It has a wing locking system and non-slip feet.

This rope clothesline is perfect to install on a terrace. It has 4 ropes that can be folded automatically and, between them, there is 20 meters of useful space to hang your laundry. An ideal model to be able to hang sheets, blankets and all kinds of garments regardless of their dimensions.

The box must be installed on the wall with plugs and screws and has 4 buttons to tension and fix each rope. The ideal solution if we have a long, narrow balcony or terrace where there are side walls to install it.

This extendable and folding clothesline from the Vileda brand provides up to 30 meters of space, enough to hang up to two laundry items.

It has thick aluminum rods so that they do not leave folds in the clothes, thus making ironing easier. It has wheels to move it easily, even loaded with clothes, and a support for underwear. In addition, it has a wing lock and safety gasket to prevent accidental closures.

Vertical clotheslines, like this one from the Newteck brand, are ideal for small spaces. They take up very little surface area and offer plenty of space for hanging clothes. Although, we must say that they are less useful for hanging large clothes.

This model has three folding wings, two side hangers for hangers, wheels for easy movement and a useful lying space of 15 m.

If we have a not very large balcony or a small terrace, this clothesline is the ideal solution. As it is a tower, it occupies less surface area, but has 30 meters of space to hang clothes.

The Vileda Mixer 3 is completely foldable, has 3 levels of racks (all foldable), a support for underwear, a hanger for hangers and has rotating wheels to easily move it wherever we want.

If you only have a small balcony in your house and you want a practical and small solution to dry your clothes, you can choose this clothesline that hooks to the railing.

This model, also from the Vileda brand, has 10 meters of hanging space, and includes 1 holder for 10 small items such as underwear. In addition, it is foldable to store it in any corner if we are not using it and its arms are adjustable to adapt to any type of balcony.

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