Sustainable urban mobility, a crucial issue on a global scale

Ignasi Brufau.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 February 2024 Sunday 22:07
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Sustainable urban mobility, a crucial issue on a global scale

Ignasi Brufau. ‘Global business system lead’ at Sandoz

What can Barcelona learn from the use of bicycles and scooters in Basel?

Cycling culture throughout Switzerland is robust and well-entrenched in everyday life. In fact, it is an integral part of the mobility culture. Many citizens use bicycles as their main means of getting around, both for practical reasons and due to a growing environmental awareness, and in schools, children learn the signs, the regulations, and how they should navigate the streets.

In addition, Switzerland stands out for its excellent infrastructure and cycle path networks, as well as for having a fantastic multimodal integration that facilitates the transition from bicycle or scooter to tram or bus, expanding citizens' options and promoting more agile mobility. , sustainable and safe in cities such as Basel, Geneva and Zurich, and the rest of the country. In the same way, the country has strict safety regulations and rigorous compliance with them, making it very easy to respect the regulations, if you do not go to the checkout and pay the fine. This makes the use of bicycles and scooters safe and orderly. It is also very common to find secure bicycle parking at train stations, where for a modest price you can leave your bicycle in a safe place.

How can you move to Barcelona?

Every country and city has different cultures, and changing the culture of a country is very difficult. However, there are adaptations and practical applications that Barcelona can make based on Switzerland's experience. The expansion of bike lanes is one of these measures. Barcelona has to prioritize the construction and improvement of bike lanes, ensuring that they are safe and accessible for everyone. The creation of a connected and efficient cycling network is essential to promote the use of this transport as the main means. Improving the current public transport service is also key to advancing sustainable mobility and all administrations have to work to make it possible.

It is crucial to facilitate the integration of private use and rental systems of bicycles and scooters in public transport to improve the overall mobility of the city. Being able to go from the bicycle or scooter to the subway or bus will expand citizens' options and promote more agile and sustainable mobility. We must not forget the parking of bicycles for private use, since theft can affect multimodal integration. Being able to park your bicycle in a secure parking lot at an acceptable cost is a determining factor.