Rajoy is nominated for the Pulitzer

The World Cup is discovering a feather.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
30 November 2022 Wednesday 20:36
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Rajoy is nominated for the Pulitzer

The World Cup is discovering a feather. His name is Mariano Rajoy and he is from Pontevedra, the former capital of Galician football, in whose cathedral – the Pasarón stadium – the public cheered to the cry of “Hay que roerlo”. In other words, the skin was expensive...

Mariano Rajoy also needs to be chewed out before he gets carried away by the impression that his articles about Spain in Qatar are minor and a bit cliché, because time and Germany will prove him right: there is wood for columnists, which his Marca already takes time to sign.

Rajoy's articles are published on the website El Debate, but they are expected in the middle of Spain. The subtitle of the section is pure Julio Camba, great columnist, illustrious Galician: "Así fue (or not)". As Raja says - you need to improve, you can -, Rajoy excels in Spain's good game, although if he was born in Delaware, he might prefer American football.

What is Rajoy's great journalistic merit? It is short and easy to understand, instead of being extensive and pedantic, as would be appropriate for a former Prime Minister called to article writing, a minor but fighting genre.

The proof of his critical success and that not all his readers are slobs is that Carles Puigdemont has replied to Rajoy in a good mood - and that, lately, he has been noticeably sullen. To the Marianist phrase "Germany gave me reason", the doe of Waterloo - nothing to do with the doe of Dublin - replied: " Me too. And against you, by the way", alluding to the pyrrhic victory - Ceuta's great midfielder - in Schleswig-Holstein.

The beginning of a great friendship?

The further Spain gets to Qatar, the more readers Rajoy will have, who knows if she will be the future Princess of Asturias in sports or communication. Rajoy must be gnawed at and not despised because he is encouraged by adversity, like Cobo, Irulegui or Nemes, stars of the great Pontevedra. And if not, ask Lionel Barber, director of the Financial Times between 2005 and 2020, who in the diary of those years (Vencedores o vencidos, publishing house Deusto) takes his hat off to Rajoy's management of the crisis of the 2013 debt.

If they bark, it means we draw. Or we win Mariano, today we play against Japan: disciplined and methodical.