New Balance 530, adidas Samba and other trending sneakers worn by celebrities

This spring, sneakers are once again the fashionable footwear, but there are models that are going strong.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2024 Monday 16:30
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New Balance 530, adidas Samba and other trending sneakers worn by celebrities

This spring, sneakers are once again the fashionable footwear, but there are models that are going strong. Celebrities and influencers have already been seen with some of these models, but now is the time for us to join the trend.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we want you to wear ground-breaking and current looks, that's why we have put together a list of the sneakers that will be worn the most in the coming months. We already told you that in this list there are tastes for everyone. From the reaffirmation of the adidas Samba that remain in trend for another year, a trip to the 80s with the New Balance 530, height and color with the platform Puma, the urban aesthetic with the classic Vans, or the retro air of the adidas Campus 00s.

Although these shoes are designed primarily for running, they have become fashionable to wear with everyday casual styles. Georgina Rodríguez wears them combined with a white outfit and fur coat.

The New Balance 530 are sports-style shoes that feature ABZORB cushioning that provides extra comfort underfoot.

Many influencers have opted for these shoes in grayish tones, although the blue mesh design is also gaining popularity.

After a couple of decades as a classic shoe that endures, the adidas Samba has experienced a renaissance and has positioned itself at the top of fashion trends. For this reason, we see them on the social media accounts of the main influencers, and celebrities include them in their casual outfits.

The Adidas Samba maintains its classic design, with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic. Its premium leather upper not only provides a refined look but also guaranteed durability. The renowned T-shaped toe provides extra protection and adds a distinctive touch to the design.

In recent months, Hailey Bieber has declared that the Nike Air Max 95 Essential are the favorites of generation Z. Sneakers that are inspired by human anatomy and sports aesthetics. Its midsole represents the spine, the gradual panels symbolize the muscle fibers and the laces represent the ribs.

Designed by Sergio Lozano almost thirty years ago, this model is ideal to complement the most informal outfits.

First there were the 'ugly shoes' and then the 'normcore' style that wanted to turn its back on conventional style. Now what's trending is "gorpcore", a style that incorporates the typical elements of mountain sports into streetstyle. We can already see many urban outfits with windbreakers, mountaineering clothing, velcro accessories, and raincoats, so it was only a matter of time before mountain footwear arrived.

Although it may seem to us that they are not very elegant sneakers, this type of footwear offers maximum comfort and, at the same time, a surprising look.

The model and actress Emily Ratajkowski a few weeks ago walked through the streets of New York wearing the emblematic "gorpcore" sneakers: the Salomon XT-6.

The Vans Wars are the most emblematic sneakers of this American brand. It is a model par excellence for skaters, but in the last decade they have become urban footwear that, year after year, continue to be a trend.

This spring we will wear them again with any outfit we can think of because the Vans Ward are very versatile and very comfortable.

The adidas Campus are other iconic sneakers in urban fashion and this spring they are back with a bang to accompany any spring look.

Actress Kristen Stewart is a fan of these sneakers and combines them with a casual look to walk the streets of Los Angeles.

The Reebok Princess have returned from the 80s with great force to conquer spring fashion in 2024. Sneakers that became famous because Lady Di used them to go to the gym.

A stylized model that we can combine with anything, very comfortable and fresh.

Platforms continue to be a trend and have conquered the universe of sneakers. Proof of this is this Puma model, which is also colorful and cheerful to celebrate the flowery season of the year.

Sneakers that are a special edition created by the singer Rihanna, with very bright colors and an xxl brown rubber sole that stands out.

The 70s Nike launched the Tiger Corsair coinciding with the '72 Olympic Games. Later, they were renamed Cortez, referring to the conquistador Hernán Cortés and as a response to the Azteca model from Adidas, its direct competition.

It was thanks to the 1994 movie Forest Gump that this model resurfaced in its classic white, blue and red tricolor.

Now, with the trend of white sneakers, the Cortez are trendy again.