Vermont ski resort will change its 'insensitive name'

Popular Vermont resort Suicide Six was once known.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
02 July 2022 Saturday 05:15
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Vermont ski resort will change its 'insensitive name'

Popular Vermont resort Suicide Six was once known. It has now announced that it will be changing its "insensitive name" in the coming weeks.

The resort posted the information on its website on June 28, 2012.

"Our resort team is aware of mental health issues and has expressed concern about the historical name's insensitivity. "The feelings that the word suicide evokes can have an important impact on many people in our community," the note stated.

The post said that "It is crucial that the name better represents, celebrates and celebrates what makes this community a loved and vibrant part of the community." Although some might find the change hard, we believe that it is necessary for an iconic treasure, and more importantly to continue its rich history in inclusion and accessibility.

Pomfret is a ski and snowboard resort in Vermont, approximately 50 miles (80km) south of Montpelier, the capital of Vermont.

The first major ski area in America was located north of Woodstock, Vermont. U.S. U.S.

Bertram, who was killed in 1981, gave the area the nickname "Suicide Six," because he felt it was more catchy that the current name, "Hill 6."

This resort is also a member the Ski Vermont Fairness, Equity and Diversity initiative. 408 of the state's ski resorts supported the Black Lives Matter movement for 2020 in an open letter.

In the last few years, outdoor and ski destinations across North America have had to rethink their names.

California's Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows resort hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics snow events. Last year, Palisades Tahoe changed its name.

"While we cherish our local history and the fond memories we associate with this place, it is now that we are faced with the overwhelming evidence that the word'squaw’ is considered offensive," Ron Cohen (the resort's president/COO) stated at the time. He added that property owners had collaborated with local Washoe tribes on the name change project.

In Canada, however, a group of mountain cabins within Jasper National Park decided to change their moniker from Pocahontas Cabins, to Miette Mountain Cabins, following consultation with First Nations communities.