Netball, A Man’s Game Too?

Netball, A Man’s Game Too?

06 February 2019 Wednesday 10:34
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Netball, A Man’s Game Too?

When it comes to the world of sports, the aspect of gender is totally put aside. This is because what men do, women can do too and vice versa. Men play soccer, women play soccer too. Men play rugby, well, women play rugby too. So since women play netball, men play netball too? Allow us to take a few minutes to look into Men’s Netball.

History of Men’s Netball

Netball was originally considered a women’s sport. However, as men watched the sport that their wives and daughters played, they wanted in too. This, as a result, birthed Men’s Netball.

Netball for men started in Australia around the 1980s. This showing that the sport has been for men has been around for quite some time. The sponsors of the game do exist, but the sport does not attract that much attention. Maybe if they included the aspect of real money bets like they do with top online casino games, the game would attract more attention. By so doing, they can get as popular as real money online casino games.

Men’s Netball Championships

The first Men’s Netball Championship was held in 1985. This championship was held in Geelong, Australia. The levels of the championship included Open; Open Reserves; 21 and Under; 19 and Under; 17 and Under as well as Masters. For a championship that was just starting, there were quite a lot of levels. It seems as though the men enjoyed the game as much as the women do.

According to men’s Netball seems to be more popular in Australia as compared to other countries. However, other countries do have men’s national netball teams. These countries include Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and England to mention but a few.

As a result, the sport has continued to grow around the world. Netball also has mixed teams, where men and women can be seen playing in the same team. As for Men’s Netball as a standalone, various tournaments do place around the world as well.



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