The obvious replacement of Sand fit on all parameters

Who will replace Jon Dahl Tomasson as the national coach Åge Hareides the right hand of the next semester? After Jon Dahl Tomassons sudden switch to Malmö FF,

The obvious replacement of Sand fit on all parameters

Who will replace Jon Dahl Tomasson as the national coach Åge Hareides the right hand of the next semester? After Jon Dahl Tomassons sudden switch to Malmö FF,

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
06 January 2020 Monday 09:00
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The obvious replacement of Sand fit on all parameters

Who will replace Jon Dahl Tomasson as the national coach Åge Hareides the right hand of the next semester?

After Jon Dahl Tomassons sudden switch to Malmö FF, will the Norwegian ideally have a dane as his assistant towards the european championship finals in football.

Here, we give a bid on, who are the most obvious candidates with Danish passport.

the Extra Leaf has designated the ten Danish names, which can come into play. We have appointed Ebbe Sand as the favorite, while Christian Poulsen with his current experience from Ajax should also be in the game, like Brian Priske should appear in the header area.

in Particular, Brian Priske is, however, challenged because at the same time he is the head coach in FC Midtjylland. Comes Denmark ahead from the euro group stage, it will collide with the preparations for the central jutland for the coming season.

Morten the previous winter goes free, but he does not look like the obvious match, together with Åge Hareide, because he must accede after the european championship finals this summer as an assistant for Kasper Hjulmand.

on Monday, met 66-year-old Åge Hareide with fodbolddirektør Peter Mills to identify the issues that are current for the job.

- It is important that we find an assistant that Åge feel comfortable with. It is also important, he gets a person who can relieve him on the training field.

- crucial factor is of course, that Åge can spar with him on the bench and in the preparation stage, says Peter Møller to Ekstra Bladet.

An additional task is the country in Peter Møller's board of DBU after Jon Dahl Tomassons goodbye. Photo: Lars Poulsen
The next assistant to help Hareide in connection with the testkampene in the spring and, of course, the EM finals, which in the case of Denmark, as a minimum, is going to include three matches in the Park.

- We must have turned the issues we have identified, and intend to have a solution in place very soon, says fodbolddirektør Peter Møller.

On the Extra Magazine's list of the ten most obvious Danish candidates included William Kvist not.

he does not, because he does not meet the conditions for the job. The requirement is that you must have at least one A-trainer license to be assistant to the national team. William Kvist is not in possession of a trænerlicens.

Denmark plays two forberedelseskampe in the spring. 31. march is the opponent of England at Wembley, while also waiting for an opponent in denmark prior to the showdown against the English.

in Addition, there will be probably played two further test matches at the end of may and beginning of June as final preparation for the european championship finals.

EM becomes Åge Hareides last task as the Danish national coach, and his EM-assistant also stops after the final round.

Who end up as Åges EM-help?

Photo: Anders Brohus

1 Ebbe Sand

He must be the favorite, if it is to be a dane. He meets all the prerequisites to step in as the assistant to EM. He has a Pro License, trænererfaring, slutrundeerfaring and is available on the market. Add to this, that he is a very well liked person. He will be the obvious choice.

Photo: Lars Poulsen

2 Christian Poulsen

The former national team got last summer a great job as a coach at Ajax. He has A license and therefore meets the conditions to get the job. He may well fit a job as a coach, because Denmark in the spring just to play two matches in march and then are gathered in at least five weeks in connection with the EM.

Photo: Lars Poulsen

3 Brian Priske

FCM-coach worked for Åge Hareide prior to the WORLD cup in Russia, where he surveyed Peru. He has all the qualities to step in the role as an assistant. The challenge can be, if Denmark goes far in EM, and it then collides with the FCM's preparations for the new season. Especially if the club has won the championship and must prepare for the Champions League ye the penalty.

Photo: Lars Poulsen

4 John ’Faxe’ Jensen

He came to as DBU should use a vikarlandstræner during the conflict in 2018 and is today chefscout for Arsenal in Scandinavia. He has extensive experience in the trainer role - both as a head coach and assistant. He has slutrundeerfaring and can probably combine a job as an assistant with the job in the Arsenal.

Photo: Lars Poulsen

5 Lars Olsen

the term changes from ’92 was In the beginning of the millennium assistant for Hareide in Brøndby. It gives him in this context is a big plus, and had he not taken the job in san diego, he had been obvious. He has, however, enough to see on the west coast, when spring comes to stand on the bloody struggle for survival lives on

Photo: Jens Dresling

6 Peter Bonde

Morten Olsen's former assistant is available on the market, although he coach girls on the Ass Idrætsefterskole. He has the professional skills and experience from the finals. At the same time, he knows all things to the role as assistant coach. But he was also a bridge to a DBU-the people, when he stopped in the union.

Photo: Jens Dresling

7 Christian Lønstrup

the Indians did his trænernavn hot in Elsinore, which he led from 2. division to the premier League. Right now he is however most remembered for the possible match-fixing case in san francisco. It cost him in the spring was employed in the cathedral city to suspect that its players of match-fixing, and he has since been without a job.

Photo: Olivia Loftlund

8 Morten the previous winter

Under normal circumstances, it would make sense to bring forward the Wieghorsts recruitment, but he hangs so much together with Kasper Hjulmand, that it would be sensational if he started before the time. The skills he has otherwise, and he's available on the market.

Photo: Christer Holte

9 Mark Strudal

The former open-mouthed attacker is vacant following the sacking in Lyngby for a little over a year ago. He has papers in order and has many years of experience as an assistant in both FC Nordsjælland and Brøndby. Slutrundeerfaring he has not, however, and it would be surprising if Hareide chose to point at him.

Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

10 Michael Laudrup

’Lose’ is available on the market and has all the qualifications but I also know the mechanisms. If he jumps to such a job, will all focus move to his person. And even assistant under the Norwegian Åge Hareide. Well, it sounds just not right...

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