The bridge splits the islanders

3.657 residents of Samsø risk roughly to meet every day at the bakery or in the Brugsen, and they are across each other often dependent upon their mutual good r

The bridge splits the islanders

3.657 residents of Samsø risk roughly to meet every day at the bakery or in the Brugsen, and they are across each other often dependent upon their mutual good r

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
20 February 2020 Thursday 07:00
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The bridge splits the islanders

3.657 residents of Samsø risk roughly to meet every day at the bakery or in the Brugsen, and they are across each other often dependent upon their mutual good relations, if they will have butter on the bread and avoid to be seen to be crooked to.

People would gladly exchange opinions openly and honestly on a large photovoltaic solar plants in the støbeskéen or the new fast ferry to Aarhus, but the fedtspiller, when it's about Kattegatbroen.

- I think the fact that the locals want to be able to see each other in the eyes, and that they do not want to be on the edge with their immediate surroundings, says Michael Lindebjerg, who moved from Aarhus to the island five years ago and now is organic æbleavler.

He participated, along with about a dozen others in a debate about Kattegatbroen at Flinchs Hotel on Wednesday afternoon, with the participation of Extra the Magazine's editor-in-chief Poul Madsen. Here was a line in bold below, to the supporters of the bridge are silent and keep their opinion for themselves. Not a single one of the attendees declared sympathy to be connected with the Jylland and Sjælland.

the Extra Leaf had otherwise tried hard to get a few followers to meet-up, but they did not materialise on the grounds that the duties could not be made.

- It is not right that any mobbes, because they are going in for a Kattegatbro. But, that said, I think those who put their sympathy for the bridge, are some svagpissere. There is not someone who gets knocked in the head here, says Ulla Holm, who is a member of the island Council for SF.

A trader on the island has recently been the victim of serious bullying at that several of their clients have come with boos over the fact that the trader has been open about his sympathy for the bridge.

do not mention our identity, because we want to protect our work and livelihood, but I want you to write, that it actually has been lynchstemning to us and other supporters of the bridge. We find that it is primarily leisure-people of the island and the newcomers, who shouts up and is bridge-opponents, says an employee on the spot, as Ekstra Bladet visited on Wednesday.

Mishagsytringerne has led to the trader to bridge supporter, no longer manifests itself on the Kattegatbroen.

the Café at the Flinchs Hotel in Tranebjerg on Samsø island, echoed by the arguments against a bridge and motorway across the island, but there was no apparent well-wishers present at the debate on Wednesday. Photo Ernst van Norde

the 69-year-old Tyrid 'Guf' Hanevold has driven the Brundby Hotel in 25 years and could be due to an errand in Aarhus not participate in the debate at Flinchs Hotel. But she does not hide the fact that she is both for and against a bridge.

- If the bridge comes, we must get the best out of it. There are craftsmen here who say that without a bridge going to the island depopulation further and the end of 1,000 inhabitants within a foreseeable number of years, says Tyrid Hanevold.

She doesn't believe that a bridge will make a decisive difference in the operation of her popular hotel, which has housed countless concerts and famous musicians through the years.

Tyrid Hanevold brands also, that the bridge-the debate polarizes the islanders.

- I am also thinking a lot about what and how I say things, because I have a business to take into consideration. But it is my honest opinion that I can see both advantages and disadvantages. I love to live on an island and sailing to it, but we can not slow down the development process, and we get a bridge, we must get the best out of it, says the Norwegian-born owner of the well-known rock hotel.

The socialist mayor, Marcel Meijer, who in the newspaper yesterday explained why he was in more than one sense of the word will not build the bridge, taking 'strongly reject' from that, the people of the island with the bridge of sympathy is subjected to bullying.

- There must always be room for an open, sober debate with mutual respect, and no one should mobbes. Which is not good Samsø-the spirit, says Marcel Meijer.

Æbleavler Michael Lindebjerg, to the left in the picture, participated as The socialist mayor, Marcel Meijer, in the discussion about the implications of a Kattegatbro can get for 'solskinsøens' future. Photo Ernst van Norde

Æbleavler Michael Lindebjerg is a newcomer to the district and bridge opponent, and he belongs to is thus one of the groups, as the employees of the mobbede trader mentions as the highest shouting in the debate.

- Many also regard the island as a refuge, and if it had been connected with Jutland, I would probably have chosen to place my dining room instead, says Michael Lindebjerg.

Facts about Kattegatforbindelsen

Just now the Danish road directorate to use the 60 million budget-dollars, which are allocated to review the project. When the equation is completed next year, it is up to Parliament to decide whether to give the green light to 15 years in bridge and road right in the middle of the kingdom.

the Bill for history's most expensive construction project on Danish soil is estimated as a minimum to approx. 130 billion a year. dollars for a combined road and train connection from Zealand to the south of Aarhus.

it Gets the thumb up, you can about the 15 year run in car from Copenhagen to Aarhus on two and a half hours.

the Resistance against the project is very large in denmark on the west and on the island.

In the 11. time there emerged an alternative proposal. An almost 40 km-long bridge in one piece, which should go further to the north, across the Kattegat sea, between Sjællands Odde and Djursland.

anyway, this model has the transport minister Benny Engelbrecht (S) recently separately asked to get involved in the equation, if the upshot is expected with tension on both the Samsø and Røsnæs.

the Extra Leaf on the island of Samsø

the Extra Leaf has the whole week on the island and has set up a temporary editing in Tranebjerg, where the picture here is taken.

in Particular, the discussion about a maybe future Kattegatforbindelse take up much space on the island.

Extra Magazine has reporters and photographers all over the country, but not in any city.

We moved therefore into a shop and created a temporary board of editors, which was manned by a couple of our royal reporters, a reporter from the Købanhavn and a photographer.

– Extra Magazine takes all residents ' problems seriously, and therefore moved we to the island, says editor-in-chief Poul Madsen, who on Wednesday came to the island to meet the locals and hear about their views on a Kattegatforbindelse, if motervej will cut Samsø midtover.

Poul Madsen has this call:

– Write to us at if you need, we also looking past your city or examine your history.

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