Nyopfundet committee shall check to toppolitiker

A new opgaveudvalg must work with the development of urban space in the Mørkhøj in Gladsaxe Municipality, and at the same time, it ensures money in the bank to

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
31 January 2020 Friday 11:00
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Nyopfundet committee shall check to toppolitiker

A new opgaveudvalg must work with the development of urban space in the Mørkhøj in Gladsaxe Municipality, and at the same time, it ensures money in the bank to the vice-president of the SF and the former deputy mayor in the Municipality of Gladsaxe Serdal Benli, which is slated to become the president.

And just the formandshonorar, which follows with the creation of the committee, is key, believes the Liberal party group in Gladsaxe, Astrid Outcomes.

- We think, that the process leading up to the announcement that you will create opgaveudvalget, has been very strange and hidden. There are some things pointing in the direction of that the most is that there is a person that should have a remuneration and a formandspost, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

Serdal Benli has recently resigned the post of deputy mayor in the municipality, where the annual fee according to the municipality's articles of association correspond exactly to the slightly over 104.000 dollars, one receives a year as committee chair.

If the proposal to create the committee which is expected to be adopted at a council meeting Wednesday night, is just Serdal Benli-destined to be president.

It confirms the mayor Trine Græse (S).

- It will be with Serdal as president, but I will be in the evening at the meeting, she says.

the Committee must, according to the mayor's focus on creating cohesion in the Mørkhøj by, among other things, to ensure increased citizen participation, establish a profile-children's playground and develop the culture and the music scene in the area.

Astrid Søborg and the Left has not been involved in the process about the proposal, but her assessment is that there is no need for the committee.

- It is our assessment that the duties, as listed in the description of the committee, may well be solved in other ways, she says.

Serdal Benli reject even completely the allegation that the committee should be established to ensure him a formandspost, now when he is no longer deputy mayor.

- The fees are defined in the styrelsesvedtægterne, and the two things do not hang together. I am still 2. deputy mayor. The two things do not hang together. Here, there is a political majority. It is not a batch or two batches. It is five parties, who believe that we need to create the committee, he says.

- However, if you become president, you will receive the 104.000 Danish kroner?

- It will be the consequence, if I end up with to be president, yes. It is not something wrong in. This is how the law is, and this is how the framework is. But it is, as I said, not important, who becomes president. The important thing is what the committee needs, and we believe it is an important committee that will promise an important task, he says.

- Since you resigned as deputy mayor, lost you well here a fee at 104.000 Danish kroner. It can be a way for you to guarantee the income?

- No. I have not gone into politics to become rich or earn money. I have gone into politics, because I want to make a difference for my municipality and the society I am a part of. This is a task that a political majority in the Midwest has decided, and if it ends up that the same political majority, pointing to me to this committee, so I will with great humility, go to the task, he says.

- So you reject that it's all about the 104.000 Danish kroner?

- It has nothing to do with each other. It is chance that makes that things are going in the order they do.

- It is not the case, that we just suddenly invents a committee, because we will have a selection. It's about the direction we want for our municipality. So that there is someone who tries to create a linkage here, it must be for their own account.

- We are at least a political majority, who will want to take Mørkhøj seriously and would like to create a cohesion. That in the end, that it may be me, so is it such that I went into politics to make a difference and take responsibility, and I do like, and then we take it from there.

- There is no clutch. How is it, he says.

- There is no clutch?

- No, it is definitely not, he says.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

the Mayor turns on a dime

The mayor Trine Græse (S) turns on a dime, en Ekstra Bladet presents her a note, which Serdal Benli is mentioned as the next chairman of the committee. Photo: Søren Bidstrup / Ritzau Scanpix

En Ekstra Bladet on Wednesday afternoon to confront the mayor of Gladsaxe Trine Græse (S) with the criticism from the Left, she will not disclose, who should be president.

- the Process around the committee have been completely like the other times, where we have established such a committee. Namely, that we have a task that needs to be solved, and then we say, this task would be really good to get some citizens closer to the solution, and therefore we have created a selection.

- the Left has not been in the beginning of the discussions we have had on the committee, and I am well aware that they are not satisfied with, but we create it here in committee, because we want to involve citizens, she says.

- Can you unveil who will be the chair of the committee, if it is adopted?

- No, I can't today, " she says.

She confirms that the chair is going to receive a fee equivalent to the fee for the post of deputy mayor, but refuses at the same time, that the two things hang together.

a Short time after coming Extra Leaf in the possession of a note from the management Gladsaxe Municipality, which Serdal Benli be cited as the 'future president of the opgaveudvalget 'Our Mørkhøj 2025".

And so confirms Trine Græse.

- It will be with Serdal as president, but I will be tonight at the meeting.

- It is something that is agreed in a closed circle, and therefore, we tend not to refer to it before it is official, she says.

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