New detection: So close is Helle on tax havens-king

the UN's new treasure hunter, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has close ties to a controversial business-the boss who has helped to lead 1.2 billion. crowns out of Den

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Ann McDonald
05 February 2020 Wednesday 20:00
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New detection: So close is Helle on tax havens-king

the UN's new treasure hunter, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has close ties to a controversial business-the boss who has helped to lead 1.2 billion. crowns out of Denmark. A large part of the staggering amount of money ended up in tax havens in Jersey.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is thus, in both of its connections to tax havens are closely connected with skandaleselskabet OW Bunkers a former president Denis Viet-Jacobsen. Thorning is bestyrelseskollega in two tax havens-companies together with the Viet-Jacobsen, who sat as chairman of OW Bunker, when 1.2 billion. crowns were taken out of the country.

The former prime minister has even with its own funds bought into as a co-owner in one company registered in the tax haven of Jersey, where the Viet-Jacobsen is chairman of the board, can Extra Magazine now tell.

'HTS have on an equal footing with all other owners purchased its stake in the Safelane Global Holdings Limited, informs Denis Viet Jacobsen in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

According to the former OW Bunker-the boss - who today is a director in the private equity fund Solix, which is behind both Thorning's tax havens-connections - he has come in contact with Helle Thorning-Schmidt 'through a common acquaintance'.

the Danish policy - 30. jan. 2020 - pm. 13:43 Detection: the treasure hunter-Lisa the co-owner of the havens-company

Denis Viet-Jacobsen resigned as chairman of the board of OW Bunker a few months before the disastrous ipo of the scandal-the company. Ago went OW Bunker bankruptcy with a bang at the end of 2014.

OW Bunker was up to the ipo owned by the controversial private equity fund Altor, as the Viet-Jacobsen was to establish in Denmark.

Denis Viet-Jacobsen. Pr photo

Here, nearly six years after the crash is the estate still not finalised.

Centrally located in the OW Bunker case is the large dividend payments of € 1.2 billion in total. crowns, which the company distributed to the Altors companies in Luxembourg, which is a known country in connection with tax havens-constructions. Approximately half of the amount 557.500.000, smoke on to a company in the tax haven of Jersey.

As transfers from Denmark took place, sat Denis Viet-Jacobsen for the player and as president of OW Bunker.

And thus, it is this man, that Helle Thorning-Schmidt, now goes to the board meetings in the companies Carsoe Group A/S in Denmark, which is owned by a Jersey company, and Safelane Global , which is registered directly on the island in The English Channel.

She was involved in the Safelane Global in september 2018; at exactly the same time with Denis Viet-Jacobsen was appointed to the chair. She was appointed to the board of directors in Carsoe Group A/S four months ago under the same president, Denis Viet-Jacobsen.

According to Søren Friis Hansen, professor of company law at Copenhagen Business School, played Denis Viet-Jacobsen as chairman of OW Bunker an instrumental role in the disbursement of the € 1.2 billion. crowns, in which a large part ended up in the tax haven of Jersey.

- It is clear that as chairman he has had a central role in it. For it is him that has taken the initiative to it, and it is partly him who could have blocked it, if they thought it was unsafe, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

Shortly after udbytteudlodningen of OW Bunker-the crown to tax havens in 2013, resigned Thorning bestyrelseskollega Denis Viet-Jacobsen from the OW Bunker board of directors. Just a month and a half later, he founded the private equity fund Solix, according to documents from the Swedish business register, which Ekstra Bladet has insight in.

And it is precisely through Solix, that She has got the career, now chains her along with tax havens.

And Solix are also extremely excited for the Jersey.

Solix owner according to its website the two companies, where She now is involved. There is talk about Safelane Global Holdings Limited, which is registered in Jersey – and the Danish Carsø group, which also has ownership in Jersey.

in Addition, private equity fund four other companies with ownership in Jersey.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt is, despite several attempts from the Extra Magazine in a week is not returned.

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address At this address in Jersey's capital, Saint Helier, is Helle Thorning-Schmidt's tax havens-connections registered. The exact same spot, as 1.2 billion. OW Bunker-crowns ended. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

There is a clear coincidence between Helle Thorning-Schmidt's tax havens-connections and the company ended up with to pull a big amount of money out of OW Bunker.

Bortkanaliseringen of the staggering amount of OW Bunker case happened, a few months before the company was listed and later cracked with a bang. The company, who ultimately received a large portion of the money in Jersey, called Altor Fund II GP Limited.

It is registered at the exact same address in Jersey as Thorning current skattelyforbindelser.

the Company in Jersey are even registered by the same law firm Aztec Group, as Thorning's tax havens-connections. Aztec Group advertises on its website with the benefits of setting up a business in the notorious tax haven of Jersey.

the Article continues below the graphic ...

Helle Thorning-Schmidt had plenty of time to participate in the 'Denmark Collection' on DR1 on Saturday. It pinches more to explain to the public what she's doing in tax havens. Photo: Michael Drost-Hansen

the Danish policy - 31. jan. 2020 - pm. 16:21 Kofods ko-reversal: the treasure hunter-Helle does not represent the government

the Danish policy - 30. jan. 2020 - pm. 15:51 Helle in tax havens: - A toxic cocktail

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Aggressive tax avoidance

At the time of the dividend was Denis Viet-Jacobsen, chairman of the board of OW Bunker.

the Payment to the company in the tax havens in Jersey was cleverly put together, so private equity fund Altor, as the Viet-Jacobsen also helped to start up in Denmark, via a Luxembourg-feint avoided to pay the Danish withholding tax.

then The Tax has had access to correspondence between the OW Bunkers consultants from Deloitte and the management in OW Bunker and Altor. In the correspondence, it was discussed how one could avoid paying tax on profits, which was created in Denmark.

the Tax has, for example, quoted Deloitte as saying that Luxembourg-finten can be seen as 'aggressive tax avoidance by the tax authorities.'

The Danish authorities have since 2017 raised a demand of 140 million. crowns against the now cracked OW Bunker. The tax authorities believe that the construction was set up in order to avoid paying Danish withholding tax when a large part of the money was transferred to Jersey via Luxembourg.

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Thorning colleague: Jersey is not a tax haven

Well, Jersey is not a tax haven.

this is the sound of the answer brief by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, bestyrelseskollega and Solix director Denis Viet-Jacobsen:

'It is not true that Jersey is a tax haven. You have information for the tax administration, regardless of whether you are a shareholder in Denmark or abroad, including Denmark, and therefore it is not possible to avoid tax by investing in a company on the Jersey,' he writes in a reply to Ekstra Bladet.

the Viet-Jacobsen writes that the Safelane Global Holdings Limited, of which She is co-owner of, 'pay tax in the Uk, where the company is resident for tax purposes.' And that it is the Danish company, Carsoe pay tax in Denmark.'

when Asked why the Jersey then is used, the equivalent of the Viet-Jacobsen without deepening the least:

'It is, because the holding company is managed away.'

'I resigned from the OW Bunker board of directors in 2013 (1. January 2014 according to the CVR register, ed.) and had nothing with the subsequent course of the proceedings (including bankruptcy in 2014 to make). I have subsequently been witness called by the SØIK in the case against Lars Møller, and also expects to be called as a witness on the conditions in OW Bunker at the time, I was in the board of directors, in some of the cases that are pending.'

Ekstra Bladet has asked follow-up questions to Viet-Jacobsen. Among other things, we asked what he says to the operational requirements of 140 million. in OW Bunker-bankruptcy.

he answers:

'I'm not a part of the lawsuit that has been filed in connection with OW Bunkers bankruptcy, and I therefore know not, what lies at the basis of this account, so I can't comment on', he writes to Ekstra Bladet.

the Viet-Jacbosen does not match the role he had as the staggering amount of OW Bunker were led out of the country to tax havens in Jersey.

Later on Extra the Blade: Read what an international skattelyekspert, who is a former economic adviser to the Jersey government, says to the Viet-Jacobsen's explanations...

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