Hope on the historic day: Everyone is talking about Bendtner

6596 sounds as in the West. Set back in march 2015 when the local rivals from AaB were defeated 1-0. Now the record stand for the appropriate Sunday in the We

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 September 2019 Sunday 08:00
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Hope on the historic day: Everyone is talking about Bendtner

6596 sounds as in the West. Set back in march 2015 when the local rivals from AaB were defeated 1-0.

Now the record stand for the appropriate Sunday in the West, when the Danish champions from FC Copenhagen, coming on a visit.

It can, because there may be the opportunity to see the returning Nicklas Bendtner in action for the first time in unique in scandinavia because the history. Stale Solbakken was in the space to think after There's unofficial debut on Tuesday in a reserve team game, in which he was not convincing in the 45 minutes he was on the pitch.

But the interest is also big for the match in Hobro, because a storsponsor has secured free access to the 6700 spectators. All Hobro-fans can get free for super League football.

– We hope Nicklas Bendtner comes on and makes his debut against us. We have in the week leading up to the fight witnessed a great interest in Nicklas Bendtner. People in north jutland will like to go out and see him play against us, says hobro town marketing manager Mikkel Højbo.

Nicklas Bendtner has still its first Superligakamp for good. Here, against Brøndby in a friendly match. Photo: Lars Poulsen

It is permissible for a sponsor to buy tickets for hjemmeholdets fans. In turn, there must never be a difference in price of tickets sold at the entrance to the two teams ' groups of fans.

– It is our hope that – in nyhedens interest – also comes several FCK fans. Usually, there have been 5-600, when they have played with us. We have space for 1200, and we hope they can fill the section, explains Mikkel Højbo.

– It will be wishful thinking if we can beat stadionrekorden. One should think that we are a small town with 12.000 inhabitants. But with the interest we have experienced, we have a hope about it. For right now, everyone is talking about Nicklas Bendtner, says he.

FC Copenhagen has besides Hobro four away matches in the premier League in the rest of the autumn.

Nicklas Bendtner and Jens Martin Gammelby sends the ball wistful glances. Photo: Lars Poulsen

If the interest in the matches increases when the FCK are visiting, it is certainly not because of Bendtner-visit, is the common perception.

In each case, with both Brøndby, AGF and FC Nordsjælland, while FC Midtjylland are happy, if There's return can help to draw more spectators to the league.

The five most-watched matches of Hobro

Hobro-Aalborg 1-0 – 16. march 2015

Hobro-Brøndby 2-0 – 3. august 2014

Hobro-FC Midtjylland 1-5 – 3. October 2014

Hobro-FC Copenhagen 0-2 – 26. October 2014

Hobro-Aalborg bk 0-1 – 24. July 2015

Hobro have in this season had a tilskuersnit at 3.377 for the home games. The club is in his fifth season in the League and have an all-time home-cut on 2.814.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

The opponents are saying

– If Nicklas Bendtner comes to Brøndby or not, then it has no meaning for tilskuertallet to the showdown. There is no Brøndby-fans to see Bendtner. Absolutely no.

on the other hand, I go out from that, FCK that always gets sold out on the udebaneafsnittet (1493). All other spectators in the stadium is going to see and hope that Brøndby beat the worst of the rivals from FCK. And this is regardless of whether Bendtner is with or not.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

– If Nicklas Bendtner is in the battle, has no impact on whether there will be more citizens of aarhus in the stadium. It may well be that there will be a little more in udebaneafsnittet.

– Last, we had 500 FCK fans. And I would think that the interest of the FCK will be greater, so that show probably more than the FCK-fans up to the match.

– But frankly, so is aarhusianerne a little indifferent with Nicklas Bendtner. All the aarhusianerne, coming to the match, at the stadium for to see the AGF win over FCK.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

– hopefully It's a battle for first place, and I think that the sporting importance of the will outshine Bendtner.

– When it is said, is only the fat, if Bendtner can pull more people out of houses, and so it doesn't matter if it's in Herning, denmark, or West.

– Bendtner is something extraordinary and will give the League something extra suit in the best sense.

– We welcome him welcome home, but is also happy that he plays for FCK and not for us. For there follows also challenges with his image.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

– It is our impression that the matches between FC Nordsjælland and FCK on the Right to Dream Park is always popular among both clubs ' fans, and therefore we find often, that the showdown is close to sold out. The reasons for the popularity is primarily fodboldstil, sporting level, geography and good hosting.

– So we do not expect that there will be more people on because of the a new attacker in the FCK – just as we would not expect fewer, if they had not got a new striker.

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