Ex-girlfriend convicted of killing Elisabeth

Unrequited love can be lethal. It shows the mysterious and dramatic murders of Elisabeth Vibe. The phrase could also be a heading for the course of the domsma

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
14 January 2020 Tuesday 15:00
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Ex-girlfriend convicted of killing Elisabeth

Unrequited love can be lethal.

It shows the mysterious and dramatic murders of Elisabeth Vibe. The phrase could also be a heading for the course of the domsmandssagen in the Court of Nykøbing Falster on the 50-year-old painter and nursing home-employee's death 10. march last year on her ex-girlfriend, the now-convicted former computer boss Per Jespersen farm on the island of Møn in the vicinity of the small town of Hårbølle.

the Police officers found the same evening the remains of the woman's corpse on a stairwell at the country house's courtyard. It was partly charred and burned beyond recognition.

There is now decreased judgment in the case concerning the killing of the 50-year-old Elisabeth Vibe in march 2019. Photo: Private

After than relatively short-lived voting has judge Camilla Felbo and two lay judges, just now known the 59-year-old farmer, Per Jespersen, guilty of murder and indecent treatment of the corpse. He was additionally found guilty of having spat two officers in the faces, in connection with his subsequent hospitalization at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, denmark.

It cost him 12 years in prison, and he can probably look forward to having to pay 100,000 kroner in compensation to the deceased woman's adult daughter, who had a strong connection to her.

In court, Per Jespersen appeared quiet, but also sent a little frightened glance towards the public gallery where friends and family members of the deceased have followed the tragic drabssag.

Police and rescuers moved strong in numbers out to the country estate on the island of Møn, since the lack of any sign of life Elisabeth Vibe aroused the concern in her immediate family Sunday 10. march 2019. Shortly after the found man the 50-year-old woman's corpse. Photo: Per Rasmussen

Judge Camilla Felbo and the two lay judges followed the prosecutor Siw Olsen's argument that a Per Jespersen may be guilty, and that his explanations were 'generally unreliable'.

They breached, therefore, his claim that he slept and was groggy after the suicide attempt, and ingestion of sedatives in continuation of the Elisabeth Vibes you arrive at the property to showcase the couple's boat for potential buyers.

Domsmandsretten believed that there with the findings in and on Elisabeth Vibes similar to, the now convicted gårdejers dna traces on a sapphire and a benzindunk, sod fragments on his shoes and his general behaviour was sufficient evidence that it was him who strangled her and set fire to her.

There was also emphasis on the Per Jespersens explanation for a indsatsleder at the scene of the crime before his arrest. Here he told that he had choked her'. It confirmed the effort the leader in his testimony in court.

the Motive to beat Elisabeth Vibe to death is somewhat obscure. But she had a few weeks previously interrupted the couple's turbulent relationship through a number of years and had moved from him. It had triggered depression and thoughts of suicide in the ex-boyfriend. In an email to his adult son the same afternoon he wrote:

'Elisabeth's goodbye has crushed me'.

the Police officers found 10. march the body of Elisabeth the Vibe here on her ekskærestes farmhouse on the island of Møn. It was partly charred and burned beyond recognition. Photographer: Per Rasmussen

It appears by a mentalerklæring about the now convicted man, that he, to some extent, karakterafvigende, but not psychotic.

Per Jespersens economy is still stripped down. He was on sick leave from his job as a computer manager in a major organization in the weeks leading up to the killing and was subsequently fired by his employers. He says himself that he is now living on a little pension.

the country estate on the island of Møn is put up for sale.

On his client's behalf, requested a lawyer, Mariann Jørn Hansen himself time for reflection, with regard to a possible appeal.

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