Do you remember Bettina and Simone from Me and my mother? We argue still

If you were one of those who followed in the Channel 4 programme 'Me and my mum', you can with certainty remember Bettina and Simone Rasmussen, who starred in

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31 December 2019 Tuesday 06:00
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Do you remember Bettina and Simone from Me and my mother? We argue still

If you were one of those who followed in the Channel 4 programme 'Me and my mum', you can with certainty remember Bettina and Simone Rasmussen, who starred in five of the six seasons.

The last footage was shot in the box in 2015, so it has been a long time since we've seen something for the two warm-blooded natives of funen from Bogense.

While the 51-year-old Bettina still live in Bogense, is 26-year-old Simone moved to Odense together with her boyfriend, Martin, whom she met at the end of 2015. In January 2018 were the parents of a girl.

Simone and Bettina as we remember them from the 'Me and my mum'. Photo: Channel 4

- Saselia is the soon two years now, so her we enjoy to the full. She really has a fun age, but she also tries the borders of the. The time has gone so fast but it goes really well with to be parents. She is sweet and loving, and there is nothing greater in life than to be become a mother, tells Simone to Ekstra Bladet.

- in Addition to using the time to be the parents of Martin and I in the throes of renovating our house in Odense. We have been running for a year and a half now, but there is still a long way and many projects. We bet also the first to be finished about 3.5 years, so it is a big mouthful, and it could put the couple a little on the sample, but it has not separated us at once, " continues Simone, who in the summer took a big decision in relation to her future career.

Simone and her boyfriend Martin. Private.

- I began in the summer to read to the teacher, which I am glad for. It is absolutely the right thing for me. So the focus in my life currently is school, husrenovering and Saselia. Martin and I could as well think us to have a child more in the future, but it is not something we are busy with. The same applies to get married. This is probably the one that stands last in the queue. We would rather focus on Saselia and our dream home, she explains.

Saselia is certainly a little charmer. Private.

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While Simone both have found a girlfriend, bought a house, had a baby and started training, since we saw her on the screen, it goes a little more quietly for the care of Bettina.

- It is not an official gf, but I have found a sweet man in my life. It is an old flame, who I was lovers with for the first time, when I was 11 years old. There has been a bit up and down, but now we started to go out together and enjoy ourselves. So, it is great, tells Bettina to Ekstra Bladet.

- Otherwise, there has not been that big. I fit my cat and eight cats in a garden, as I just come over and give food. I'm førtidspensionist, when my back is not always can keep to work, but I have enough to do, since I have had horses, dogs and cat, and now I have the Saselia, as I spend much of my time. It fits me perfectly fine. I live still in Bogense, moving I never from, she continues.

The proud grandmother and Saselia. Private.

- I is fresh, bold and have never had it better, so it's great. I also fit always Saselia, if dagplejemoren is sick, on holiday or similar. So Simone and Martin can almost not do without me. Saselia loves his grandmother anywhere on the earth, and it is reciprocated from my side, she adds.

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There is no doubt that Simone and Bettina were very close when they starred in 'Me and my mum'. Although there are gone five years since the last recordings, this has however, not changed.

- My mother is with me several times a week, so we still have a strong bond and be seen very. In fact, we have just gained a closer relationship, after Saselia is come into the world, since the mother is now grandmother to my child and we both are mothers. So love you a little each other in a new way, says Simone.

- Apart from that is our relationship, however, as it constantly has been. We are enjoying ourselves still doing the same thing. We can still argue and discuss, but we do it never in front of Saselia. So we are waiting right until she is not there, " continues Simone.

- Mother has not changed since the program, I think. I can also recognize myself, but I have also become much more mature and has got a different view on many things. It is also clear, since I was 19 years old when we started filming, and now soon 27 years old. I can sit and curved toes myself once in a while, fortunately, I have since become older, the laugh she.

- I can just see in her eyes that I am as I am. I have not changed me at all since the programs, recognizing Bettina, who welcomes the fact that Simone is now even become a mother.

- It's funny that Simone can now put itself into, how it is to be a mother. And that it can also be really hard. She was just as stubborn as her daughter is now. It is cool that she now has an understanding of how I have had it all these years with her, tells Bettina.

It is clear to see that Saselia is happy for his words of mormon. Private.

Both Simone and Bettina look back at their participation in the 'Me and my mum' as a fun time, where they've got a lot of great, shared experiences. They could therefore also be fresh to come back on the screen, but not in any program.

- We agree that if we are to be with something new, so we must be complete ourselves. It was a bit of a discussion sometime in between, when we did the 'Me and my mom' how things should be, and the bother we are not. We will be allowed to decide for themselves and be completely, as we are, tells Simone, while Bettina nods familiarly.

- It could be fun to make a capture section, where we tell how it goes with us today. Running all the time reruns, so therefore it could be nice to give the viewers a status on how it has passed us the last five years. There are still been a part. We could also help in any other tv, if we got the bid, she continues.

It is clear to see that Simone and Bettina are in the family. Private.

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