Brutal start to the WORLD cup-gala

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here It was a tough start to the Danish Fight

Brutal start to the WORLD cup-gala

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here It was a tough start to the Danish Fight

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 16:00
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Brutal start to the WORLD cup-gala

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here

It was a tough start to the Danish Fight Nights WORLD cup gala.

the Newcomer Adel Younes was in the ring against the 30-year-old frenchman Guillaume La Salva, and the atmosphere was intense from the start in the first professional fight for the former gang leader.

Boxing - 31. jan. 2020 - pm. 21:01 sarah's icy WORLD cup preparation

Younes smoke reflux in flæsket on his French opponent, delivered a brutal discharge of energy in the first place, and from the start had a feeling that it could be a short one.

A slightly overtændt dished up with the major swing, both took by surprise the audience and Guillaume La Selva, whose legs reached to falter on several occasions.

The long frenchman moved with stoic, slow movements, and so several times to be caught off guard by the move and the weight from the Younes.

It was uskolet and unpolished. Hard and brutally. Adel Younes sent his opponent in the canvas, and the appearance of sudden success story.

But the opposite to that of the first minutes lost the particular the aarhus mellemvægter all the energy, stamina and profits in the second instance, and the premature start he paid back. It was, in other words, fatal blow.

For La Selva, who also went uortodokst to proceed, hit with a solid right-hander Younes jaw, there is smoke in the canvas.

the Tumultuous he got piled up on the legs, but the fight, which would otherwise not have reached the counting finished, took nevertheless the consequence and stopped the fight. French TKO-victory over a frustrated Younes.

- I have seen the Nobility (Younes, ed.) come back from worse, it could just as well have gone his way in the first place, it sounded a little frustrated from coach Thomas Povlsen after the defeat.

Touched Sharif dedicated his victory to deceased friend

The unbeaten superletvægter Heva Sharif, there are accusations that the ring is in cahoots with his coach, the former european champion Thomas Damgaard, placed cleverly in an idling pace.

He tried to land fast combinations to the 20-year-old spaniard David Monuz’ body and head.

Technically it was solid, and the 28-year-old Sharif, who fought for Mogens Citizens ' favor, forcing Munoz around the ring with quick venstrestød followed by a heavy right-hander.

A part landed, however, in the unbeaten spaniers parades in the beginning. The two unbeaten boxers were near smoked at each other's throats between the 3. and 4. place - no one would give up on an unspoiled record. The audience screamed at their copenhagen, which soon was far ahead on points.

the Spaniard bed from herself, and pressed a couple of times Sharif out on the ropes, but the profits lost Thomas Damgaard pupil never. The blood flowed dramatically down the upper torso from a gash under the Spanish left eye, the audience smelled, therefore, yes ... Mogens Palle-trainee bowed to the audience even before the last lap had started.

Heva Sharif dedicated his victory to a deceased friend. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Despite a senseless attack in the clinch with three-four small shells in the face of the dane from a frustrated Munoz did nothing at the battle's outcome: A touched Sharif, who dedicated the victory to his late friend, Michael Mai, who lost his life for exactly five years ago, snatched namely earned all dommerstemmer (79-72, 78,73 and 78-73).

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- It was a good fight, Munoz was a hard man, and yes, it was also a mental fight. I would like to have stopped him before the time. But right now I'm just proud, relieved and happy for all those who have helped me. The victory was for you, Michael! said Heva Sharif after the match.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

the Danish superletvægtssejr

In the evening's fourth fight was the young Danish superletvægter Victor Ramon out in his second match, and what hopefully would be another victory.

The somewhat older argentinian Ezequiel Gregores had, despite his five extra years, only a battle more on the back, so it was two in the professional auspices very blank leaves that were facing each other.

There have been bokset very offensively from the start. Both boxers marked by great rapidity, and was danced with great speed around the whole ring, which was exchanged a portion hooks.

The young Aarhus-boxer sat on the initiative from the second round.

Victor Ramon came, saw and triumphed. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Here were the two superletvægtere by moving so quickly on each other, to fight on more than one occasion had to throw himself to the side and near had been the first to notice the blue floor.

In the third place, dropped the intensity a little bit, and the fatigue got omfavnelserne to lead to a significant increase in frequency after a start with the very benbevægelse.

Ramon, that akkompegnerer every stroke with little moans, which evokes the sound of a game of Tekken, began to lose ground.

In the fourth round he went, however, on the offensive again and got sent a number of combinations on the body by increasing the argentinian with the yellow streaks in the black hair.

the Referee had to separate them a few times to the last, and Gregores could well show teeth, when he was allowed to get close to. This he was fortunately not so often, and the sound of Ramons Tekken-moans were allowed to punch out the intense silence more times than the klaskende sound of the boxing gloves against the dane's face.

the Judges were also agreed, and the red corner was allowed to lift their fists in the air over his other titles.

not so much a mental game and provocations was to track the battle, where there seemed to be young blood between Ramon and Gregores.

Dane and increasing the argentinian appeared almost as sindbilledet on sportsmanship, and immediately after the fight were given hugs and shared lifted up hands thanked the audience together.

the Mood was almost as good and respectful, that one would not be surprised to see the two enjoy a friendly pils a place in Copenhagen's nightlife in the subsequent hours.

In a purely foreign battle won by Russian Elena Gradinar increased on points in a very equal match against Serbian Nina Pavlovic.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT --------- D-Struction-made process against the ukrainer

D-Struction lived up to his promises about the war. Only a minute had passed, before the Ukrainian Svyryd the first time was in the knee, and Svyryd appeared completely without blame for the volleys of hooks, Rossing sent in his direction.

There was not two, before ukraineren lay with your butt in the ropes, and the fight ended up with to stop the fight, while . D-Struction came back from his injury in the hand with a technical knockout in a minute and a half.

A much better comeback, you can hardly dream of. Before the match threatened coach Sherman Williams to Ekstra Bladet Ditlev with an 'ass-kicking', if he doesn't beat him out last in the second round.

the Danish Rossing made short process. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Whether it was contributing to Rossing were in such a rush to get the job done, is not to say. But superior it was in every case.

- You can't compare a chihuahua with a bulldog, skrydede Rossing tilfredst after the fight to Ekstra Bladet TV. I wonder if he and Williams can start to think about WORLD cup matches before long.

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