Brøndby has stopped the bleeding

A fodboldkøbmand as Carsten V. Jensen should not spend more than a month and a half to put its clear, sporting images on the oval. Everyone could see that som

Brøndby has stopped the bleeding

A fodboldkøbmand as Carsten V. Jensen should not spend more than a month and a half to put its clear, sporting images on the oval. Everyone could see that som

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
16 September 2019 Monday 07:00
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Brøndby has stopped the bleeding

A fodboldkøbmand as Carsten V. Jensen should not spend more than a month and a half to put its clear, sporting images on the oval.

Everyone could see that something was wrong in the defense. It has been talked about for long in the Area. No one has really done anything about it. Before Carsten V. Jensen fetched Sigurd Rosted and Andreas Maxsø for pennies.

The duo have simply stopped the bleeding!

Hany Mukhtar scored an excellent corner kick against FCN. Head coach Niels Frederiksen believes that kreatøren was a little rusty. The best of Mukhtar we will see in a few weeks, believe cheftræneren. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

of course One must fit in with the major conclusions after just one match, but it stopperpar will on many parameters challenge the league's best stoppere in the course of the season.

It will, because Rosted and Maxsø are two playing types. They are smart, physically strong and so they lose not the overview in stressful situations.

Here are Anthony Jung stopped Mikkel Rygaard, but Brøndbys German back then does not look good at both FCN-scores. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

Now, FCN scored two goals against Brondby, but it was certainly not due to the fault of the new stopperpar. The two scores were Anthony Jung, in turn, strongly implicated in the.

Niels Frederiksen is also quite well satisfied with what he saw on the field from stopperduoen:

- They came with a solid expression on the defensive. They gave ro and so fine in the game with the ball. I am sure that they will be even better, says Brøndby coach.

Andreas Maxsø was also happy about it, he was shown against his former employer.

- It has been very easy to fall to in the locker room. I feel I have settled well into the team and so it works fine together with Sigurd Rosted, says Andras Maxsø.

Josip Radosevic scored a rare goal when Kamil Wilczek played him free. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

in Front of the two stoppere is Josip Radosevic. His strength has not been the game with the ball. He is a strong and capable bolderobrer, but good friends with the ball, he has not been so often.

It seems that it also has significance for his game with a homogeneous and strong playing stopperpar.

- Josip has been better on the ball. It is also in the field, he should put a little on, says Niels Frederiksen, who is impressed by kroatens iron will and the abilities of the bolderobrer. And now also as ends.

Niels Frederiksen was seen to Johan Larsson still lacks a little, before he hits the top level. But offensively, he showed promising skill. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

With four scores got Mcdonalds the coach is also seen that the offensive has on the Area. It does this because Hany Mukhtar is back in the role as the creative fulcrum.

He scored a dazzling corner kick, but cheftræneren was not entirely satisfied with what he saw from the Mukhtar.

- We saw the Mukhtar, who was a little bit rusty in boldomgangen compared to what we're going to see in 14 days or one month. I am sure he will be even better as the autumn progresses, points out cheftræneren.

Johan Larsson, it was also a happy reunion with the Brøndby Stadium. He played his last match on the court nine months ago. Now he's returned home to a new squad, a new style of play and a completely different way to play football on.

- It was extremely everything we did during the Zorniger. It is easier to get used to the way we play on now, believes Johan Larsson, who see great opportunities in the squad, Brøndby have scored composed:

- There is a huge potential in the squad. I am sure that the two midtstoppere we have got will be to lift the whole team, he says.

this is Why Mcdonalds on the way

partnered at the back has been Brøndbys big challenge in the past year. The solution with Andreas Maxsø and Sigurd Rosted will be good, because it is two playing and prescient stoppere. They seem not to panic when they come under little pressure. At the same time is both fast and physically strong. It stopperpar come to mean many points to Brøndby.


It has been very up and down with Josip Radosevic, since he came to Brøndby for more than one year ago. His strongest side is as bolderobrer and not with the ball. But he seems gradually to have fallen well into the role as oprydderen in front of the defense. And then he shows profits, when he went forward and scored against FCN.

There is a battle for the seats in Brøndbys dressing room. The squad is too big with 29 man. And more are too far from the playing time. But there is a really good width for Niels Frederiksen, when he must choose his team. Right now there are three langtidsskader and it will not weaken the team.

Against FCN scored Hany Mukhtar a klassemål from the distance. It was a hit, as we remember it for a couple of seasons ago. There is no doubt that the German will do everything he can to finish properly before he goes to MLS to play for Nashville.

Johan Larsson is challenged on the defensive. He gets rarely blocked for entry. But against FCN so it is worse for Anthony Jung, who was involved in both scores. At first he was deceived by Mads Døhr Thychosen and at 2-3 the goal he was wrong. There is still a little to work with for the two backs are purely defensive.


With two new stoppere, it takes time to play together as a team. But Brøndby should be better to be in control when the team has a 2-0 lead from the first half. It was too much chu-bang-football after the break

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