Big roars removed from the tv: - It went very wrong

famous and best-selling had high expectations for the group Bang & Boysen, consisting of friends Gustav and Anders, during Friday's Five Chair Challenge in the

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 06:00
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Big roars removed from the tv: - It went very wrong

famous and best-selling had high expectations for the group Bang & Boysen, consisting of friends Gustav and Anders, during Friday's Five Chair Challenge in the 'X Factor'.

Unfortunately, they were not redeemed by the drengegruppen, according to their mentor, famous and best-selling, moved too much between two different genres.

As a consequence, they had to go slukørede home from Five Chair Challenge, when it became clear that the famous and best-selling would not give them a chair.

For Extra Magazine tells Bang & Boysen, that they were generally satisfied with the performance, they delivered to the Five Chair Challenge, but that there was also a part that went wrong, which is not so on the tv.

It was a hard and long day, where we were up early in the morning, and there was much waiting time. There was a lot of mental pressure on us, because all the time goes and to think about how the mon will go, then you start to get nervous, says Gustav for Extra Magazine, and continues:

- And then when we come on stage, I make a big blunder, because I'm so nervous, " he says.

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As the group took to the stage, came Gustav namely, to make a svipser, which got the whole hall to laugh.

- We had gone around and talked all day long about what we should say when we were on the scene, and what we should remember to do. I would then stand to speak on stage, because I'm the best for the two of us, he says, and continues:

- We go into, and I say that we called Bang & Boysen, and that we will play our own number, and then ask the judges saw what we called the right. And who do I get for one reason or another said: 'I called Anders. Or, well no'. It by the the well does not fit, so famous and best-selling said: 'You called damn it, Anders', and the whole hall began to laugh. It went very wrong, he says with a laugh.

Also partner Donald got a good laugh on the way.

Gustav is good to talk and study the communication and anything is possible. He tends not to make mistakes. But he was really nervous, and then it went wrong. It was completely gone, he says to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

- It was really fun, also because the Gustav is the type he is. He wont never make blunders on the way. We have taken a part of the pis in the subsequent, he laughs.

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According to Gustav thought more to start with, that he just was making fun. But that was not the case.

- Our friends and family thought I did it intentionally. But it was not. There was a tense atmosphere, for there were many, who had received criticism and had been removed two chairs. It was of pure nervousness, that it came to pass, for the nerves, sad really out of the clothes, says Gustav.

Behind & Boysen are sorry that they did not get the chance to go further in the program. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

- How did you feel with that "stupid" yourself in front of so many people?

- I do not see myself as self-important. I could see the comedic element. I get said 'I have not had four hours to think about it', and then laughed to myself. It has not gone myself. There may well be edge and color. It makes me feel not something, but it amazes me that they have cut it out, for it was good enough fun, says Gustav with a grin and continues to tell, that it was not the only thing that went wrong during the Five Chair Challenge:

- I song super fake. It was nervousness. I can very well hear, when I even sing false, and it was quite clear the nervousness that played into. We were disappointed, and we had hoped for more, but our performance was not good enough, so I may well follow Ankertstjernes decision, he says.

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Anders understand why they did not get the chance to go further in the program.

- I understood it well, but I did not agree with. I think, well, that he had been able to work with us and make something unique. He should not have given up so easily, he says, and continues:

- I think it was hard to get criticism, because we performed our own songs, so of course it is always hard to get criticism for it, when one is creative and open and vulnerable. But of course, it is a part of the gamete.

Although they went no further in the 'X Factor' have a Bang & Boysen no regrets, that they starred. They tell that they still have the mod in the music and in time to produce new music.

famous and best-selling of the group's exit

- I think that I have worded it as well as I can in the program. I wanted for them, that they took a decision about who they would like to be, says famous and best-selling Extra Leaf on the Bang & Boysen, and continues:

- They had to choose, we are them or we are them. We rapmonstre, or will we create something for the dance floor? It should have come with the evening. But the big moment, where it went up in a higher unity, did not materialize, he says.

famous and best-selling does not, however, hide the fact that he had high expectations for the group.

- The closer something is to my heart, the higher the demands you have. They come from the same school as me, and I really liked them, so I had wished that they would listen more to me, and dare to put it all on the game to get a chair.

- Did it hurt to say goodbye to them?

- There are many of them who do evil. Life and Tabita, Jung & Bergmann. It is all light, the power is turned off, and cheering on them all the way.

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