After the cancellation: the Municipality of kyler Sandstød out

Ballerup Municipality has kicked Michael Sandstød out of the Ballerup Super Arena. The former cyclist should no longer hold the cykelevents, he through the ye

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 February 2020 Friday 18:00
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After the cancellation: the Municipality of kyler Sandstød out

Ballerup Municipality has kicked Michael Sandstød out of the Ballerup Super Arena.

The former cyclist should no longer hold the cykelevents, he through the years has organized numerous of by the side of the seksdagesløbet.

the Municipality will, in future, hold the type of events in Ballerup Super Arena, and therefore have Michael Sandstød at the request of the municipality removed his stuff from the arena, including the 15 banecykler, which he used to his cykelevents.

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- Since the Ballerup Municipality does not currently have future agreements with Michael Sandstød, it seems natural that he remove his banecykler, says Jens Overgaard, who is fritidschef in Ballerup Municipality.

Ballerup Municipality denies that it terminated the cooperation because Michael Sandstød cancelled the copenhagen seksdagesløb in 2020 at the end of last October - just three months before the race meeting.

- To Ballerup Super Arena holding cykelarrangementer from January 2020, should be seen in conjunction with an ongoing strategy even in a higher degree, to the conduct of the cykelarrangementer, " says Jens Overgaard.

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Ballerup Municipality also rejects that the interrupted cooperation is due to Michael Sandstød is accused of having committed violence against Michelle Quaade, when she participated in the copenhagen seksdagesløb last year.

the Cancellation of the seksdagesløbet last year resulted in the Ballerup Municipality, in the lost rental income of a minimum of 250,000 crowns.

It is due to Michael Sandstød and the Ballerup Municipality, in 2017 signed a three-year contract for the organisation of seksdagesløbet 2018-2020.

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the Extra Leaf has been given the contract through the foia, and here it appears that Michael Sandstød cancelled the race before he had to pay for the rent of the arena.

Thus has he, according to the municipality not broken the contract, but simply denounced it.

Ballerup Bike Arena has for decades formed a framework for Michael Sandstøds (th.) cycling - both as a rider and organizer. Here he pairs the number seven with kompagnonen Jimmi Madsen. Photo: Ole Buntzen

Jens Overgaard can not yet say what the economic consequences of the cancellation is given to the municipality.

- It is here the beginning of 2020 too early to say anything about.

- We are looking continuously for opportunities for activities and events, " says Jens Overgaard.

Michael Sandstød stated last year in a press release that the cancellation of the seksdagesløbet in the year was due to his divorce from his wife, who stood for the economy of his enterprise.

In the extension of the cancellation was revealed Dan Hammer, who is the director of the Royal Arena, to Michael Sandstød in 2021, the copenhagen seksdagesløb in the Royal Arena.

Heaters Sandstød: Sorry, I put on

When the Extra Magazine is calling Michael Sandstød up to ask about his arena exit, throw he the handset after a conversation of three minutes and 42 seconds, in which he criticises the Extra Leaf in its publicity to drive the witch-hunt against him.

a Few minutes later calling him back:

- Sorry, I put on, but I was so angry at you, for I never seem, to you and your colleagues have done something for me.

- I have never written well on me on the Extra Magazine.

- first, I do not think that it is right, and secondly, it's not our obligation to write a positive ...

- surely you have an obligation.

- If you want to write about seksdagesløbet, could well write something good.

- If you think that it is a cultural institution, and think that other people should read about it ... I never bothered to move your ass out there and write about anything other than when I took a short, firm grip on Michelle Quaades arm.

- I do not know the history, compared to how much we have been out there, but I also think it is beside the point.

- But we are quite curious about your reflections on the aflysningens consequences for the local economy. Did you you any thoughts on the fact that the municipality would be missing the 250.000, since you terminated the contract?

- I terminate the contract, because I for personal reasons can not drive seksdagesløbet, and in the contract, as you have read, is, of course, that if you have paid the amount for the time being, terminated the contract.

- There are no clauses, and already in march, I was in dialogue with the administration in the arena that seksdagesløbet had it hard.

- Will you answer the question: There is some money that is missing. Did you you any thoughts about the municipality's economy?

- It is with great, heartbreaking sorrow, that I can't drive seksdagesløbet, as I have been running on, after that I took over in 2012.

- That I have not been able to achieve this on many levels, it has been too bad, and it has been too bad for the Ballerup Super Arena, and it is too bad for the Ballerup Super Arena, that I'm running in the Royal Arena.

Business is business, and I don't owe anyone anything, and I do not believe that Ballerup Municipality, based on calculations with the 250.000 dollars. The municipality has also the cost of cleaning, power, brandvagter and staff when there is seksdagesløb.

- It is not just an income of 250,000 dollars.

- Then one can at the same time say, that there were other services that you used, and which did, to the municipality's income was greater. On the way, we are back to the 250.000 dollars ...

- No, I will give it to you is not right. There you must reckon again.

- I can see in the contract that you have been offered a number of services, which you have made used of ...

- Yes, among other things, I have borrowed the arenaens chairs.

You have been kicked out of the arena once and for all. It has something to do with the charges of violence against Michelle Quaade?

- Not what I know of. I've got to know that you think that the timing is poor, and that the man was not happy that I am not informed about it to the mayor, that it is also moving forward.

- It closes one day and opens up the second day.

- How are you not to get in the arena more?

I have been very sorry, for it is my baby, since I ran the race out there.

- What is the economic importance get it for you?

- No. At all, no.

- It is my company that has held events, but the economic part of it is so small, because I have had other, mainly Jimmi Madsen, to manage it.

- Personally, I have held two events, says Michael Sandstød.

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