Las Vegas Safety Travel Tips - Better be Safe than Sorry

08 June 2020 Monday 08:29
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Las Vegas Safety Travel Tips - Better be Safe than Sorry

Las Vegas is one of the most happening places in the world. Tourists from across the planet come here to enjoy luxuries and excitement that Las Vegas offers. However, the poverty surrounding it gives rise to a number of crimes in some of the areas.

Is Vegas safe?

Las Vegas is safe for the travelers, and the most secured and safest places in the city are the casinos for tourists. The crime rate of this sin city is much lower than Los Angeles as well as any other big cities.

Although the Las Vegas police department provides utmost safety to the tourists, but many a times, both local as well as visitors could get into trouble due to various Vegas transportation hazards. If you ever meet with an accident while traveling in Vegas, you could reach out to one of the most popular personal injury attorneys such as Ladah Law for legal assistance.

Read on and learn how to stay and travel around safely in Las Vegas.

Safe Stay in Las Vegas

Knowing where to stay in Las Vegas is very important before you arrive. It is best to research a little and find out the areas that you need to avoid at all cost. The city officials are on their toes to crack down violence and crimes, but who would want to take a chance while traveling.

Getting Around Vegas

There are a number of transportation choices in Las Vegas. Tourists can choose any of those, depending on their convenience and cost. Usually, people prefer to walk around or ride a scooter or bicycle from one location to another. However, if you need to go some place far away, then you could take cabs, monorails, bus or Uber.

There are many large hotels that offer free shuttles to different casinos and strip clubs. You could also hire private or shared car to reach your desired destination. However, it is recommended that you do not loiter around the parking lot or garage in the night.

Las Vegas monorails are pretty safe option to get around the city. Each and every train is equipped with security cameras. Besides, all the stations have security officers and explosive detecting dogs on duty. The city buses are fairly safe and reliable mode of transport, as they too have real time security cameras.

Lyft and Uber are quite widely used by the tourists. Uber has lately added call 911 number option to its app, and has the ability to share your ride progress while you are on the move. Local taxis are also available, but they are not easily traceable and cost you more than Lyft and Uber.

Las Vegas is a cash heavy city, and thus has many pickpocket incidents throughout the day. If you are traveling through public transport or are in crowded place, then you must stay vigilant at all times.

Common Travel Scams

You'll find all kinds of people in Las Vegas, just like any other city, and thus you should be warned that it is also a haven for scammers who loot gullible travelers. For instance VIP passes or tickets to casinos or strip clubs could be counterfeit. When casino hopping, you must not drink too much of alcohol, as predators take advantage of you or even spike your drinks. Thus, never let your drink out of your sight.