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Close Invites Users Worldwide to Follow the New Dating Trend in Quarantine

The world is still battling with the pandemic and we are learning how to cope with it on many levels. Invites Users Worldwide to Follow the New Dating Trend in Quarantine

The world is still battling with the pandemic and we are learning how to cope with it on many levels.

17 mart 2021 Wednesday 17:17
831 Reads Invites Users Worldwide to Follow the New Dating Trend in Quarantine

The world is still battling with the pandemic and we are learning how to cope with it on many levels. Staying healthy and protecting others is the top priority. However, people are not giving up on love; they always find new ways to love someone and be loved., an international dating website, reveals that there has been a surge of daily active users since the lockdowns around the world started. In 2021, online dating is a new trend that more and more people are following!

The skepticism that revolved around internet dating for decades is finally leaving. Users worldwide decided to try dating apps rather than judging them from the outside. We received feedbacks from online dating users, and they said: “Online dating brings us a new world and gets us a very different experience!”. invites you to try the new dating trend and give yourself a chance to meet your soulmate. If you are looking for Russian or Ukrainian girls, it is a great platform with a large userbase.

What online dating facts are you facing? To help you better know about it, we sum up several internet dating pros in modern society, with which you will learn how to get prepared for what is waiting for you.

Online Dating is the Safest Dating Way During the Pandemic

To be responsible and stay healthy, we should spend most of our time at home. Thus, going out and meeting girls is totally off the table. Even in such conditions, you can keep your love life active by using dating apps. has been implementing the website regularly during the pandemic to give its members the best user experience. Therefore, you have many tools at your disposal that will make internet dating interesting. Women like responsible men. By showing that you care about the world and you want to stay safe, you will gain more respect and appreciation. At the same time, you won’t put yourself and your close people at risk of catching the Coronavirus.

Talking to More People at the Time

Online dating sites or apps allow you to talk to several girls at the time and there is nothing weird and immoral about it. You won’t start a relationship with the first girl you talk to; you need some time to get to know her so you can be sure you are a good match. The difference between “real” world dating and virtual dating is that virtually you can multitask easily and talk to many people at the same time. In-person, it is physically impossible to be at 3, 4 dinner dates at the time. If you were to have all these dates the same day, you will tire yourself out and you won’t be interesting in any of them because it would take too much interaction and focus. On dating apps, however, you can do everything at once! Keep a few tabs open; talk to one girl about food, one about hobbies, one about life, one about love, and so on. You can do it all! After you talk to all of them for some time, you will understand which one is the right girl for you. Then, you can make your decision to start a relationship and focus on one person only.

Slow Dating - No Pressure

When you date someone online, you won’t feel the pressure of rushing the relationship and putting new labels on it. You can just take it slowly. Give yourself all the time you need to strengthen the relationship. Considering that traveling is also restricted, you won’t even have to rush to meet the girl you met online. Focus on getting to know her to the core and speak about your plans. Hardballing is another dating trend of 2021 – it means taking your relationship seriously and not messing around. By dating someone online and committing to one another slowly, you will be following two trends at the same time! Remember, stable and committed relationships are good but don’t jump into them. Talk to a few girls and find the one that you want to dedicate to. When you grow feelings, you can start working on the relationship and develop it slowly.

About is a certified online dating platform that you can use to meet Russian and Ukrainian singles. The website features a premium matchmaker that connects users based on their preferences and similarities. When you register to, you’re suggested to enter all the details that will help the matchmaking system find members that meet your criteria. You will be able to talk to Slavic girls on-site, improve your dating skills, and find your perfect match!

Some of the advanced tools and features of are the Live Chat, Love Call, Video Show, and EMF Mail, among others. You can try them out by creating a profile and exploring the website. All these tools are designed to make online dating enjoyable and easy for people worldwide.



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