5 Popular Methods to Consume THC

THC is extremely popular in the market for its potency and ability to get you high. If you’re planning to use THC, make sure to know different methods of consumption.

Recep Karaca
Recep Karaca
14 November 2023 Tuesday 08:05
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5 Popular Methods to Consume THC

How should I consume THC?

This is one question that lingers in the mind of every beginner. Well, there's no doubt that there are a number of ways through which you can consume the best THC Gummies but which one you resort to the most depends on your capacity.

Each method of THC consumption will require a specific indigestion method. Moreover, the method through which you consume THC will also have an impact on how your body reacts to it.

So, no matter which method you're following to consume THC, it is always advisable to be extremely careful.

Different Ways To Consume THC

There's a wide range of ways through which you can consume THC. It is always advisable to understand the marijuana usage laws in your state before you start consuming THC.

Some of the major or popular ways to consume THC are as follows:

1. Smoking

Undoubtedly, smoking has to be on the top because it is one of the most popular ways to consume THC. Moreover, smoking increases its potency which means you'd have a better 'high'.

You can roll it using tobacco rolling papers and start smoking. Apart from that, you can also start smoking it in the form of a blunt or bong.

A lot of people prefer smoking THC in mini-bongs to get the impact better. What's better is that you can also mix it with hookah and smoke it. However, excessively smoking THC may have a negative impact on your lungs, so make sure to be responsible about the usage.

2. Gravity Bongs

If you don't have a rolling paper or bong at your disposal, you can consider smoking THC in gravity bongs. The best part about gravity bongs is that they can be easily made using household items.

Gravity bongs are often made using buckets, milk jugs, plastic bottles and so on. It is for this reason that they are also referred to as bucket or waterfall bongs.

Smoking using a gravity bong would mean that the smoke will be pulled into the chamber using water following the rule of gravity.

3. Vaping

Very similar to smoking, but not exactly it, vaping is definitely taking the market by storm. Vaping THC is excessively popular among the teenagers because they consider it to be 'more cool' and 'safe'.

If you're vaping THC, you'd only be inhaling the vapor and not the smoke, which is why most people consider it to be better. Moreover, vape pens do not produce as much smell as smoking but provide a better high.

When you vape THC, you'd mostly be using dry flowers, which can offer protection against dry mouth. Additionally, vaping is often hailed as being less irritating for the lungs.

4. Oral Consumption

Smoking in different forms isn't the only way through which you can enjoy the 'high' of THC. If you're someone who doesn't like to smoke that much, you should orally consume THC.

Thanks to the advancements and newer recipes, there is a wide range of oral THC products available in the market. These can vary from brownies to gummy bears and granola bars.

Let's add more to your surprise- even chewing gum made from THC is available in the market. A lot of households also use THC oil or leaves rich in tea for brewing tea. However, the potency of tea made from marijuana is usually higher.

5. Tinctures

You can use THC tinctures as they provide a better high. Unlike others, THC tinctures are easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

THC tinctures have high concentrations and are very fast. Their higher potency ensures that they are used for medicinal purposes too. Nonetheless, since it gets you high quickly, many people may misuse it. The only sad part is that the high produced by tinctures isn't dense enough.


Now that you know so many methods of consuming THC, you need to choose one method that fits your needs the most. Apart from consumption, you can also use THC topically and yet get the benefits of being 'high.' Under any circumstance, it is always advisable to indulge in responsible use of THC- whether topically or orally.