The hidden truth in the marriage of Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo make up one of the most popular marriages in our country and their relationship has never been without controversy.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 March 2023 Thursday 02:47
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The hidden truth in the marriage of Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo make up one of the most popular marriages in our country and their relationship has never been without controversy. This time it has been some statements by Jorge Javier Vázquez that have put the couple in the eye of the hurricane.

The journalist has written an article entitled "Alaska and Mario, the great disappointment", in which he refers to the contradictions of both celebrities. In the article, published on Vázquez's blog in Lecturas, the Sálvame presenter has referred to the marriage's friendship with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Alberto Núñez Feijoó and Jiménez Losantos.

"It hurts my soul to see you eating kisses with a lady who said it was a drag that Pride week lasted a whole month, when precisely a large part of the people who adore both you and your lady belong to the collective" , wrote the one from Badalona.

A few days ago, Vaquerizo went to the program Déjate querer, presented by Paz Padilla, and reviewed the most relevant moments of his life and career. There was no lack of one of the most controversial issues he has always raised around marriage, which is the singer's sexuality.

"I always go with the fags and there is no danger there. Well, yes, later they tell me that I am a fag, that I have a lot of feathers," commented the leader of the Nancys Rubias. Laughter aside, Mario acknowledged that this problem "tires" him and that Fangoria's believes that "they are not insulting my husband, they are insulting me."

At one point in the interview, Vaquerizo commented that "my family has lived through a dictatorship and now I feel identified. You can't say what you think. We're supposed to have made a lot of progress. I'm saying something politically incorrect, but it's that I feel I define like this".

Jorge Javier has not ignored the singer's words and dedicates the following response to him in his article: "Do you think we can't say what we think? So it seems that you hardly listen to your wife sharing a microphone with a being whose only known virtue is vomit falsehoods and impute false crimes with the same ease that the EuroMillions numbers are dictated".

The journalist is especially hurt and disappointed after seeing how Alaska, whom he admits to having deeply admired, turns a deaf ear to the attacks by Federico Jiménez Losantos, with whom he regularly collaborates on his radio show. Vázquez also mentions Mario's compadreo with the president of the Community of Madrid.

"Mario, maybe people are starting to wrinkle their noses at some of your latest bench-legged outings. Because, perhaps, these people who have been cheering you on unconditionally for the past strip of years, we are fed up with your compadres in such a shameless way with representatives of a party that opposes the achievement of rights and freedoms that have to do with women and the LGTBI collective: abortion, marriage, trans," continues the journalist

Alaska and Mario make up one of the most popular and extravagant marriages on the Spanish cultural scene. Their relationship began in 1999, when the one with the Nancys Rubias entered the Alaska record company to promote her records. Shortly after the couple got married in Las Vegas and in 2011 they made their marriage official in Spain.

However, their relationship has gone through numerous ups and downs, breaking the union on several occasions. The most famous was the break in the year 2000, in which Alaska decided to end their relationship after Mario disappeared after a long night of partying. Soon the couple decided to give themselves another chance and the singer claimed to have reconsidered the concern that his behavior caused his wife.

In 2004, the death of Vaquerizo's brother plunged the celebrity into deep sadness. The one from Fangoria declared on some occasion that after that, her husband had never been the same again, which caused another major crisis in the marriage. However, Alaska and Mario always emphasize that the love and admiration they feel for each other is above all else, which has allowed them to cope with all their crises.