Space Force and Mi Amor de las Estrellas, among our recommendation for this Tuesday

What movie or series are we going to watch today? It is a question that we repeat to ourselves as soon as we have time to sit on the sofa and turn on the television.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
27 March 2023 Monday 23:06
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Space Force and Mi Amor de las Estrellas, among our recommendation for this Tuesday

What movie or series are we going to watch today? It is a question that we repeat to ourselves as soon as we have time to sit on the sofa and turn on the television. The answer is not easy, because streaming platforms offer a very extensive catalogue. And then we also like to repeat a film from time to time. To help you in this difficult task, we propose 10 options for this week of March 27.

Cancelled, last broadcast on 02/18/2022. . Cast: Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers.

Comedy that brings together Steve Carell (also as creator) with the screenwriter of 'The Office' Greg Daniels based on the idea of ​​creating a space division of Donald Trump in the US army. Along with Carell, a luxury cast with names like John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, Noah Emmerich and Fred Willard.

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Completed on 27/02/2 Address:Park Ji-eun. Cast: Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Soo-hyun, Park Hae-jin, Yoo In-na.

[My Love From the Star] An interesting story about Do Min Joon, an alien with an almost perfect appearance, who landed in South Korea during the Joseon Dynasty (1609) and has been inhabiting the earth for over 400 years with excellent communication skills. vision, hearing and speed. In the current era, when the day of his departure approaches and he only has three months left on Earth, he meets a top Hallyu actress, Cheon Song Yi, who will make him develop new feelings and change the cynical concept that Do Min Joon has on human beings.

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Premiered on 05/08/2014. Directed by: Nicholas Stoller. Cast: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, Dave Franco.

Apparently, Mac Radner and his wife Kelly have made the American dream come true: they just had an adorable baby girl and bought a beautiful house in the suburbs. The 30-something couple is convinced they have acquired the poise necessary for adult life, but these ex-revelers are in for an unexpected challenge. When Mac and Kelly discover that their new neighbors are members of the Delta Psi Beta fraternity, led by charismatic president Teddy Sanders, they try to rise to the occasion and appear more like colleagues than adults. But the boys' parties take on epic proportions and the couple has no choice but to put a little order. The war between neighbors escalates at lightning speed as the couple manages to get the university students expelled, and the latter, to make the new parents lose what little sanity they have left.

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Premiered on 06/08/1999. Directed by: Jay Roach. Cast: Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Michael York, Robert Wagner.

Austin Powers is a secret agent from the 60s who, after being frozen, comes back to life in the 90s. In this new installment of his adventures, Austin Powers will face new villains, but he will have to fight again with the Evil Doctor , his greatest enemy. The evil doctor has a sinister plan: he has invented a time machine that will allow him to return to the 60s and destroy his archenemy, who must join forces with him and a beautiful agent to defeat him...

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Finalized on 15/04/2017. . . . . Cast: Park Bo-young, Park Hyung-sik, Ji Soo, An Woo-yeon.

Do Bong Soon is a woman with superhuman strength. With her strength, she is hired as a bodyguard for the evil CEO of the game company Ainsoft, Ahn Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk is being threatened by an unknown enemy, and he is determined to solve the problem because of his dislike and mistrust of the police. In Guk Doo he is a policeman and Bong Soon's childhood crush. When a series of kidnappings take place in the small and quiet neighborhood of Bong Soon, Dobong-dong, her small community is thrown into chaos. Combined with the job of protecting the life of her boss, Bong Soon's unusual life has gone wild. However, she must be careful; if she wastes her strength, she could lose her forever..

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Finalizada el 16/09/2012. . Reparto:Mary-Louise Parker,Justin Kirk,Alexander Gould,Kevin Nealon.

Set in Agrestic, a fictional Californian town, the series tells the story of Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), a family mother, whose husband Judah (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has recently and suddenly died, and ends up selling marijuana to his residents of the residential neighborhood where she lives in order to maintain the high-class standard of living to which she is accustomed. Her life revolves around her two sons, Shane Botwin (Alexander Gould), an eccentric and lonely 10-year-old boy, and Silas Botwin (Hunter Parrish), a sexually obsessed teenager. The three of them live in Agrestic, an idyllic neighborhood on the surface, but which actually hides dark secrets behind the dapper doors of their houses.

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Premiered on 10/15/1999. Directed by: David Fincher. Cast: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf.

A young man without illusions fights against his insomnia, perhaps a consequence of his boredom with his gray and routine life. On a plane trip he meets Tyler Durden, a charismatic soap salesman who holds a very particular philosophy: perfectionism is a thing for weak people; instead, self-destruction is the only thing that really makes life worth living. Both then decide to form a secret fight club where they can unleash their frustrations and anger, which will be overwhelmingly successful.

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Completed on 02/22/2004. . Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis.

This comedy takes a fresh and funny look at the world of sex and dating in New York.

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On broadcast. Directed by: Robert Thorogood. Cast: Ralf Little, Don Warrington, Élisabeth Bourgine, Ginny Holder.

The story centers on the character of Richard Poole, an English policeman with little sense of humor and a sullen character who arrives on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint-Marie to solve the murder of a colleague. After solving the crime, he will receive an unexpected and unwanted reward: a job as Chief Inspector of the local police. Early in the season, this premise is repeated with Detective Humphrey Goodman taking over for his predecessor...

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Finished on 08/17/2018. Direction: Karol Sevilla. Cast: Karol Sevilla, Ruggero Pasquarelli, Valentina Zenere, Michael Ronda.

Luna Valente goes happily through life on her skates. But her life takes an unexpected turn when her parents receive an offer that is impossible to refuse: overnight, the Valente family must leave their beloved home and move to another country. Luna must adapt to a new life, new friends and a new school, where she finds herself in a world of luxury and elite that has little to do with her. Luna takes refuge in her skates and thanks to them she discovers a skating rink that offers her a new universe on wheels...

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