Seven curiosities about Leiva that you will not be lazy to know

The singer Leiva visits La Resistencia again this Thursday night.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 10:53
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Seven curiosities about Leiva that you will not be lazy to know

The singer Leiva visits La Resistencia again this Thursday night. The artist, who is already a veteran of the David Broncano program, as he has come on several occasions to promote his work, does not usually disappoint in his visits with all kinds of very funny unpublished anecdotes about his life. The last time he visited the Arlequín Theater, where the program is recorded, was in December 2021.

The singer, formerly a member of the band Pereza along with Rubén Pozo, has always been discreet with his private life, but some curiosities about him that every fan should know have been revealed in different situations. His love affairs have also been very public, since he has dated the singer Alba Molina and the actress Michelle Jenner. His last relationship was with Macarena García, which lasted from 2014 to 2022.

The real name on his ID is José Miguel Conejo Torres. His nickname and stage name originate from his love of soccer and his resemblance to Leivinha, a Brazilian player from the 1970s for Atlético de Madrid, a team of which he is a faithful follower.

The artist is a hypochondriac, a disorder with which he has recognized that he has a really bad time. "I have lived with fear a lot. In that aspect I think I am in a good moment. As a friend of mine said, I am afraid of rare diseases. Such a mainstream disease at first did not scare me," he commented in reference to the coronavirus.

The singer is the ex-brother-in-law of Javier Ambrossi and while Leiva was out with his sister, he commissioned her to write the original song for his film based on the musical La llamada. Thanks to that song, the musician won a Goya award.

Although everyone thinks he was born in Alameda de Osuna, Leiva is actually from Vallecano by birth. He did grow up in Paseo de la Estación, in the northeast of Madrid, in the Alameda de Osuna neighborhood, where he studied at the Villa de Madrid Public School.

His brother Juancho is the leader of the rock band Sidecars. Leiva produced most of his first albums and Juancho, in turn, accompanies him on guitar whenever he can in concerts and recordings.

The artist is not only a singer and producer, he is a multi-instrumentalist, because apart from the guitar and voice, the instruments he uses the most, he also plays drums and bass, among others.

Leiva was the chosen opening act for one of The Rolling Stones concerts at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. The choice generated some controversy due to some old statements by the artist. Two years earlier he said that the mythical group should stop touring because they had already achieved everything. Despite this, he lived an unforgettable moment as the opening act for Mick Jagger.