Sebastián Yatra compliments Aitana Ocaña in public: "She is the best"

Cadena DIAL celebrated its big night this Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 08:47
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Sebastián Yatra compliments Aitana Ocaña in public: "She is the best"

Cadena DIAL celebrated its big night this Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Great faces of music traveled there, such as Dani Martín, Edurne, Ana Mena or Sebastián Yatra, among many others. Precisely the latter spoke to the media and spoke about his professional career, without wanting to make many statements about his personal life, although he did compliment Aitana Ocaña, with whom he has been romantically related for the last few years. months.

Last December, Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau broke their four-year relationship just after the promotion of La ultima, the series that they both shot together with Disney. Soon after, rumors began about a possible relationship between the Catalan and Sebastián Yatra. Since then, both have been seen together on several occasions - even in a very affectionate way - although both have been avoiding talking about it in the media.

That is why they have greatly missed the latest statements by the Tacones Rojos interpreter, who has stood up and faced the microphones and cameras of the different media during the DIAL Awards, and has even wanted to compliment the one who could be your new partner. Precisely, on Wednesday Yatra was at El Hormiguero to talk about his latest musical projects. So, he dodged the subject and preferred not to mention Aitana.

During his presence at the awards, Sebastián Yatra walked the red carpet. The singer was one of the most important faces of the night, since he was one of those who took the stage to interpret one of his songs. Upon his arrival at the event, he attended the media. Without wanting to get into personal territory, the singer reflected on the lyrics of his songs and what life as an artist implies: that not only his compositions are of interest, but also what he does in private.

"I am a public person and in the end people talk about you, not only as a person, but also about your music and that is the good thing, that all of them keep our creations," he began by saying. "I want to make songs that represent people and add to them. In the end it is what we have left," he reflected. Precisely when talking about her songs, she confessed that she doesn't feel the need to "mark a Shakira" and assures that she doesn't care about the analysis that the lyrics of her songs may have.

The Couple of the Year interpreter assures that his relationships are not something he should talk about with the press. "I do not explain my private life," he assured. However, the name of Aitana has been very present and the singer of Una noche sin pensar has only managed to comment that he "is very happy with everything she is experiencing" and also "that it is very important to let yourself go." The press, inevitably, asked him about the interpreter of Vas a quedarte, to which he limited himself to singing the words "Aitana is the best" with a smile on her face. These are his first words about the Catalan.

These first words come at a significant moment. This week, the magazine Hello! He published some photographs in a very affectionate attitude between Aitana and Sebastián on the high seas, on a trip to Miami. Although there is no kiss between them either, the complicity is such that, practically, it is taken for granted that the artists form one of the most attractive couples of this 2023. We will have to wait for a confirmation of both, but what seems obvious is that both have a great harmony.