Malú speaks for the first time clearly about her break with Albert Rivera: "Things have to be done"

Malú is one of the most recognized artists in our country.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 August 2023 Thursday 16:53
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Malú speaks for the first time clearly about her break with Albert Rivera: "Things have to be done"

Malú is one of the most recognized artists in our country. Throughout her career, the Andalusian has given concerts throughout the national and international territory and has released songs that have become real hits, such as Aprendiz, Blanco y Negro or I will not change.

However, his professional life has been overshadowed on numerous occasions by his private life. A few years ago, it came to light that the artist was dating the former leader of the Ciudadanos party, Albert Rivera, something that greatly surprised her fans.

Although everything seemed to be going well between them and they had a daughter they called Lucía, a little over a month ago, it came to light that the couple had decided to put an end to their love story after 4 years together.

Luis Rollán, a close friend of Malú, was in charge of confirming this news in the Telecinco Fiesta program. The television collaborator explained that there had been no third parties or major discussions, but that both had made the decision by mutual agreement due to the wear and tear of coexistence.

After many weeks of theories and suppositions, Malú has spoken about the subject of the breakup in a very intimate interview that he has done for ELLE magazine. The Andalusian has opened her heart and she has shown herself vulnerable after she has explained on many occasions that she does not like to talk about her private life.

"I don't want to seem rude or unpleasant, it's just that I think my privacy is not important. I prefer that my work be talked about, and if you want to criticize, do it, but with my music,'' the artist began by saying, before beginning to assess that motherhood has changed her life and that she plans to dedicate herself body and soul to her daughter. , but also to his fans and followers.

When asked what she had learned from her breakup, Alejandro Sanz's friend answered without complexes: "I am not and I will not be the first nor the last person to separate. Sometimes you believe in something and fight for it with all your might. But sometimes it doesn't. And it's not anyone's fault, it's not bad or good, it just happens. So you have to try to understand it and accept it in the best way possible.''

''I really think that things have to be done well, although obviously it is much easier to start a relationship than to get out of it. But when you leave a place it is convenient to remember how you entered. And that, surely, helps you forget why you are leaving and walk through the door with the good in your head,'' the woman said in the interview.

While news comes out about Albert Rivera's new love affairs, Malú is focused on her career and raising her daughter. However, when asked if she still believes in love, the artist does not hesitate.

''Always, but not only in what you can feel towards a couple, but in love for the family, for life, for children... I believe in the purity of love. Some say that a mother is capable of lifting a truck if her son is under her. That sentence already says it all. Love moves the world'', sentenced the ex of the Catalan.