Laura Matamoros surprises with a radical change of look

Nowadays, new trends spread immediately thanks to social networks.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 February 2024 Sunday 16:12
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Laura Matamoros surprises with a radical change of look

Nowadays, new trends spread immediately thanks to social networks. Furthermore, these fashions cause a great impact on the audience due to the reach and media exposure of these platforms.

A few days ago we witnessed how the influencer and content creator Dulceida underwent a change of look and left her followers speechless. Aida Domènech decided to abandon the brown tone in her hair and become a redhead (more like orange hair), something that many other celebrities have done in recent months.

A few hours ago, Laura Matamoros, an influencer who rose to fame after competing and winning the Mediaset Spain reality show Big Brother VIP 4, uploaded different stories to her official Instagram account in which you could see the reaction of her friends and loved ones to their change of look.

Kiko Matamoros' daughter explained to the followers she accumulates on the photo and video platform that she also wanted an aesthetic change for 2024. In the images of her loved ones reacting, we can see public and well-known figures of the stature of Laura Escanes or María Pombo in shock.

After having created so much expectation, Matamoros uploaded a post to her profile feed and revealed the final result: hair in red tones that is far from Dulceida's orange. The young woman has used the dye of a brand with which she collaborates, so there is also a business interest in said aesthetic change.

In the audiovisual piece that she published you can see how excited she was with her new color and how she enjoyed the process with the hairdressing team that was caring for her and performing the dye.

''It's happened... Pure fantasy. I never thought I would wear such a COOL color! I love this new color,' the young woman expressed in the text of the publication, implying that she was really happy with the result.

The reception of the new hair color of the digital creator has given a lot to talk about in the last few hours. While some have congratulated her for daring to innovate with this striking color, others have made it clear that they were expecting something more "spectacular", since Laura had created a lot of hype.

''Dua Lipa vibes'', ''My goodness I thought you had cut your hair, but come on you just dyed it, I don't know why your friends are so amazed'', ''Never go away with this color '', ''How artificial'', ''Everything looks cool on you'' or ''And that's why so much mystery? If it is more viewed than the comic,'' are some of the comments that can be read in the post.