Laura Escanes starts a new solo business project

Laura Escanes is going through one of the sweetest moments in her life.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2023 Saturday 04:47
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Laura Escanes starts a new solo business project

Laura Escanes is going through one of the sweetest moments in her life. After ending her marriage to Risto Mejide last September, the Catalan has been taking new steps in her personal and professional life. Some steps that, it seems, have brought tranquility and peace to her day-to-day life. The publicist's ex-partner began a relationship with the singer Álvaro de Luna at the end of last year, with whom she is very much in love. To this is added the happiness that she gives him to be able to see her daughter, little Roma, grow up. But the truth is that much of this good streak also has to do with her professional projects.

But, as Vanitatis advances this Saturday, Laura Escanes has a lot to celebrate right now, since she has taken a new vital step after making her debut as the owner of a beautiful apartment: launching into the world of business alone. "This year my life has undergone a great change and I have learned a lot," Escanes said on March 23, at a live event recording Entre el cielo y las nubes, his own podcast, one of the most popular projects special for her.

Now it seems that the also model would have taken another step as a businesswoman. It is a world in which she was previously present together with her ex-husband, Risto Mejide, although now she will do it alone and with a new company: La Tita Comunicación SL, of which she is the sole administrator. According to the aforementioned medium, the company registered on January 13 with an initial capital of 3,000 euros, the minimum, and in which it has a very defined corporate purpose, dedicating itself to "media representation services of communication".

As we have been saying, the young woman, who turns 27 on April 13, has already formed a company with her ex-husband, called Tuyyoque Studio SL, which is still active despite their divorce last year. Both are joint administrators, and in which she registered her personal brand, Lauraescanes, despite the fact that it is controlled by Before Share SL, where she had an asset of more than one million euros.

Precisely with this partnership, Escanes managed his first major project, Blondie, the beauty salon that opened its doors in Madrid together with Goa Organics, where well-known faces often go. In addition, it is common to see how the influencer organizes events with other content creators in her beauty salon.

In this new phase of her life, Laura has made many decisions, the most important being to buy a house. On February 2, the day she signed before a notary, she became the owner of a property for the first time. News that cannot make her happier. It is an apartment in a very recently built urbanization on the outskirts of Madrid, with 114 square meters, 162 taking into account common elements, among which is the swimming pool, a large 12-meter terrace, a 10-meter storage room square and two parking spaces.

There is no doubt that the model is in a very good moment. In fact, she confirms it herself whenever she has the opportunity, and it is that beyond having had to adapt to a new situation in a very short time, the influencer is happy. It seems that her relationship with the father of her daughter is cordial, and having little Rome in her life brightens her days. In addition, her new relationship with Álvaro De Luna cannot make her happier. Now her followers hope that this good streak will last a long time, and that she can heal the complicated season that she experienced after her break with Risto Mejide.