Jota Peleteiro charges Jessica Bueno and publishes an image of her with another man

Follow the controversy between Jota Peleteiro and Jessica Bueno.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
19 March 2023 Sunday 10:54
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Jota Peleteiro charges Jessica Bueno and publishes an image of her with another man

Follow the controversy between Jota Peleteiro and Jessica Bueno. The couple, who announced their separation a few months ago, have been waging their particular war through social networks. The ex-partner, who lasted seven years as a married couple and has two children together, now does not have a good relationship and proof of this is the latest publication by the footballer, who has lashed out hard against the model. He has also done so by sharing a photograph of her eating with another man.

Jessica and Jota put an end to their relationship last November. It was the former soccer player who made public his break with Kiko Rivera's ex-partner unilaterally on his social networks. Soon after, hers came from hers. A point and end in her marriage for which Bueno was completely destroyed. At the time, it was speculated that the reason for the end of their relationship had been a third person. Soon after, the athlete confirmed his relationship with Miriam, his current partner.

Now it seems that Jota Peleteiro is insinuating that the real reason for the end of his marriage was not his infidelity, but that it was because of a third person on the part of the model. The soccer player has published a photograph of Jessica Bueno with a man eating in a Basque grill. In the image, there are no gestures of affection or complicity. However, Peleteiro is blunt and writes devastating sentences against his ex. A controversial gesture that has led many to wonder why he has published this, when he is already happy with another person.

"What was the phrase like? Does time put everything in its place, Jessica Bueno? Well, yes, the truth is, yes," wrote the athlete, accompanying the quote with the emoticon of several laughing faces. It should be remembered that Bueno shared an image with this phrase on social networks shortly after she broke up with the father of her children. In addition, he not only made this image public and charged harshly against it, but he also did so by mentioning it on social networks. "El Divildos and Jessica Bueno", can also be read in the publication.

The writing also includes these words: "How the Divildos has the eye. It does not fail." Although the most notorious comment is where he indicates that now "he is going to have to keep two palanquins". The end of the love story between Jota Peleteiro and Jessica Bueno is not being easy, and an example of this is this latest publication, to which the model has not yet reacted.

The Galician, for his part, has remade his life with Miriam Ruiz, while Jessica has had a very difficult few months. The model has deleted from social networks most of the photos that she shared with her ex, father of her two young children, Jota and Alejandro. It should be remembered that the model has a firstborn, Francisco, the result of her previous relationship with Kiko Rivera. Currently, she is very focused on her facet as a businesswoman.

For his part, Jota Peleteiro has defended himself on the accusations leveled against him in recent months. "She and I really know what has happened and she has nothing to do with infidelity. The most important thing is my children and I will always love Jessica," he told Fiesta. Likewise, he stressed that his little ones would always have all their needs covered. "I take care of the whole life of my three children, there is no difference between any of them," he expressed. Now, after this public attack, it seems that the relationship between them could be irreversibly damaged.