Johnny Depp's teeth were the big challenge for his stylish Cannes makeover

Johnny Depp's arrival in Cannes on May 17 has not ceased to arouse all kinds of comments.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 22:54
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Johnny Depp's teeth were the big challenge for his stylish Cannes makeover

Johnny Depp's arrival in Cannes on May 17 has not ceased to arouse all kinds of comments. The actor, who returns to the cinema with Maïwenn's Jeanne du Barry, was applauded for no less than seven minutes for his performance. A highly anticipated return that was planned to the millimeter by his team, especially since it was his return after his legal conflicts with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who had left the image and reputation of he severely touched.

A team that had a whole challenge ahead, because everyone knows that the actor is not exactly concerned about his image. The followers of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean are used to seeing him with his scruffy outfits and apparently untidy rock star appearance, so his team had to subject him to a real transformation to appear visible in Cannes. Of course, they did not have a huge problem: his teeth.

An aspect that was highly criticized by users of social networks who commented on the actor's arrival at the festival, that every time he smiled he earned new comments. Dark in color and with visible cracks in the enamel, many expressed their revulsion at the state of his teeth.

They were not the only ones, because as confirmed by Page Six, the actor's team was not exactly happy with the state of his teeth. According to sources consulted with the aforementioned portal, his stylists had to undergo a radical change in the JW Marriot hotel suite where he was staying, so that he could appear presentable.

Dressed in an elegant Dior suit designed by Kim Jones, the brand of which the actor is the image, which paid for all the actor's outfits in his appearances at the French film festival and with which he has just renewed a contract for no less than 20 million euros; His team, led by his usual stylist Samantha McMillen, did everything possible to try to recover that attractiveness of yesteryear.

However, his teeth didn't make it through the cut, and it was also the first thing everyone saw. Each open smile of the actor revealed his yellowed teeth, something that his team could not do anything with at the last moment.

A set of teeth that has reached that state, as everyone can imagine, as a result of poor hygiene and the actor's years of bad habits, especially his high consumption of tobacco and drinks such as red wine, which help them lose weight. its natural colour.

As if that were not enough, the actor would have also left the occasional unfinished dental procedure, worsening the state of his cavities and other problems. In addition, he had metal veneers for a while that left visible wear on his teeth.

Now, the actor has said that he is against having perfect teeth, because the idea of ​​being an actor is to represent people who exist in real life, and not just perfect characters.

The actor, who will turn 60 on June 9, returned to his usual rock star look the next day. On the night of Monday, May 23, he surrounded himself with some of the most famous guitarists of all time -such as Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton or Ronnie Wood- to pay a heartfelt tribute to his friend, Jeff Beck, who died at the age of 73. .