Discover what your home needs for this spring

In addition to changing your wardrobe, spring is the perfect time to redecorate some of the corners or rooms of our home.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 March 2024 Sunday 11:09
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Discover what your home needs for this spring

In addition to changing your wardrobe, spring is the perfect time to redecorate some of the corners or rooms of our home. An opportunity to explore new horizons, to embrace this spring's decoration trends, which combine everything from warm earth colors to more vivid ones that provide greater energy along with natural materials such as fiber, stone or glass. Bring out the decorator inside you and take advantage of the Club Vanguardia discounts that we offer you.

Faced with the task of decorating the place in which we spend hours and hours, furniture acquires great relevance, which is why it must be made with quality and love, taking care of even the smallest detail.

Kave Home knows a lot about that, taking care of even the smallest detail and demonstrates it through its collections that adapt to any Mediterranean or midcentury style where earthy colors provide that feeling of serenity and spaciousness, ideal for spring. A wide range of handmade pieces ranging from nightstands, dressers, drawers, sofas or shelves, all of them designed for those people who are always looking for something more and who, by being a member of the Vanguardia Club, can find it with a 10% cumulative discount. to promotions on all products, which are valid both online and in stores.

Just like us, our house can also feel more alive than ever. And to do this, the best way is to have Casa Viva, responsible for leaving no corner without its personal touch. A new season that arrives loaded with bright colors capable of reviving any interior, terrace or garden.

Let yourself be carried away by the energy that these decorative styles awaken and innovate through the different shades or color palettes offered by the accessories or furniture. From tables, chairs, stools, shelves or even sofas. All this, with a 10% cumulative discount on products on sale, which will make you enjoy the good weather in a newly decorated home.

The use of wood has a wide number of benefits and advantages, both decoratively and environmentally. In addition, it is capable of turning any type of space into a warm and welcoming one. Among the decorative trends of 2024, natural elements are an alternative that you should at least take into consideration.

That is why Decowood, a brand specializing in the production of handcrafted wooden furniture, is the best option for this. Wood and its handling capacity give it infinite qualities to be used in any location such as: headboards, stools, dressers, rugs with natural fibers, tables or chairs. A simple and minimalist decoration that shows that less is more. Make your personal spaces a unique corner with the 10% discount for being part of the Vanguardia Club.

May spring alter your blood but not your desire to enjoy the good weather. Because you live much better in the sun and Ikea is very clear about that.

Ikea is a whole universe of possibilities where creativity and functionality combine to offer innovative solutions that will give a new look to your home.

Its rustic-style outdoor furniture, brightly colored cushions, lighting set or exterior cabinets and shelves are some of the many options that Ikea offers to spend hours and hours enjoying the outdoors on your terrace or garden. And with your Club Vanguardia card you can put all these ideas into practice with a €5 discount that can be combined with other discounts on purchases over €60.

As you can see, this spring is the ideal time to renew your home and give it a fresh and stylish touch with the most vibrant trends and proposals from those who know the most about decoration. Take advantage of Club Vanguardia's exclusive offers and let your creativity fly to create a unique space that reflects your style and personality.