Danae Boronat signed by RTVE Catalunya to present the daily magazine 'L'altaveu'

Danae Boronat is one of RTVE Catalunya's main bets for this quarter.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2024 Monday 23:12
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Danae Boronat signed by RTVE Catalunya to present the daily magazine 'L'altaveu'

Danae Boronat is one of RTVE Catalunya's main bets for this quarter. Starting next Monday the 8th, it will present the magazine L’altaveu, every afternoon from Monday to Friday between 5:15 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., in direct competition with similar spaces such as TardeAR, Y Ahora, Sonsoles or Planta baixa. “We open a new window with those human stories that must be explained," said Esteve Crespo, director of RTVE Catalunya, during the presentation this morning of the new programming in Catalan.

Danae Boronat thus returns to lead a daily program after presenting Zona Franca on TV3 last year, where she replaced Joel Díaz. The presenter assured that she did not have any thorns in her regarding Zona Franca (which was not renewed when the season ended) and that she was convinced that she came to L'altaveu precisely because of having passed by this late night. She also clarified that she will continue to be the voice of the Champions League matches of the FC Barcelona women's team that are broadcast on the regional channel.

Boronat announced that L'altaveu will go throughout the territory "giving a voice to all those people who have a story to explain." And he will do it “with a relaxed tone, with the intention of distracting people and always with a smile, which is not easy with so much complicated news.”

Given the great competition that she will have to face, the Tarragona journalist argued that, as this is the first time she has done a program of this type, she has no “acquired vices, manias or phobias,” which she believes will lead her to and the team “to make, honestly, a different program.”

On the other hand, the director of RTVE Catalunya highlighted the commitment to diversify the presence of the Catalan language on its channels, both on television, online and on the radio. A strategy that will lead to “opening specific slots of programming in Catalan” that are added to the fixed slots, and that at certain times will lead to an increase in programming in Catalan.

In this direction, next Saturday the 6th, a new slot will be opened on La 2, from 8.30 p.m., which will be dedicated to parenting and in which, for eight weeks, the series This is not Sweden will be broadcast, starring Aina Clotet and Marcel Borràs, and then Gemma Nierga's new space, We will do what we can.

More novelties presented this morning were the program De carrer, where David Fernández and Nerea Sanfe will tour four streets, avenues or squares in different Catalan towns in each episode to learn about their history and the curiosities that are hidden. “We will get the juice out of each street,” Sanfe warned while Fernández highlighted that “we will discover curiosities such as monuments or very old shops.” It will premiere on Sunday, April 14 in the noon slot.

Another novelty will be Catalunya, 12 punts, a documentary directed by Jero Rodríguez that reviews the Catalan participation in Eurovision that will be broadcast on May 11, coinciding with the final of the festival. On the other hand, it was also announced that this year Eurovision can be followed with the comments in Catalan by Sònia Urbano and Xavi Martínez on Ràdio 4 and in dual on La 1.