Alonso Caparrós is honest about the economic debt that drags

The last few years have not been easy for Alonso Caparrós.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 March 2023 Saturday 06:42
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Alonso Caparrós is honest about the economic debt that drags

The last few years have not been easy for Alonso Caparrós. At 52 years old, the presenter is aware of what his mistakes have been, both in his personal situation and in his financial instability. The presenter is not having a good time, and proof of this was his last appearance in Sálvame, where he completely collapsed, and even found himself with little chance of continuing with the interview. Now, the renowned face of television has granted an exclusive interview to Lecturas magazine in which he has spoken about these financial problems.

That afternoon in Sálvame, Alonso was totally vulnerable. It was a joke between the collaborators Kiko Matamoros and Kiko Hernández, who noticed the presenter was very dull, and decided to delve into the matter, asking in a sarcastic tone: "Is Alonso alive?", causing Caparrós to confess that he is indeed not at his best moment. "A series of things have happened to me lately on a personal level that have me a little out of myself. I don't want to continue, this is not the time. I am absent but I have my reasons," Alonso said then, through tears.

Shortly after, it was learned thanks to Gema López that Alonso had just suffered the loss of a close friend, and that financial problems were another reason why he was so out of sorts. Now, in an exclusive interview, Caparrós has told Lecturas that his financial concerns came back to torment him a little over a month ago. Something that has been keeping him on edge.

"In February I see that I have an embargo on the payroll that I had no idea about," he told the aforementioned media. Alonso assures that it is his "turbulent" past where this debt comes from, and acknowledges that it was "full of errors." "I was worried that the news would reach the television and that they would think that I had relapsed into my addictions. I was afraid that it was related to my parents. I was afraid that it would be made public, it would be misrepresented and wounds would be reopened. None of that has happened, " explain now.

The debt they claim is important for a modest economy such as yours at the moment. "I owe 55,000 euros, it's a lot of money," he confesses. The debt comes, as he explains to the aforementioned media, from some houses that were owned by him. "I had two houses, I sold one to pay the Tax Agency. I bought the one in Almería with the bank and when I couldn't pay the bank kept it, but it continued to charge me," he justifies.

Now you must try to move forward with this important debt. "I am negotiating the debt. Now I have to start from scratch, everything I have achieved over these years of work has vanished. My dreams have been broken," she says. Despite these hard times, Alonso has the unconditional support of his family, which has been a key factor in resuming his desire to continue fighting forward.

Supported by his wife, Angélica Delgado, and his two children, Andrés and Claudia, he is willing to fight for himself and his family to get ahead. "I started working at Sálvame four years ago, the first two years I continued paying debts. The last two I had managed to save, our dream is to end our days next to the beach. I had seen a house, for now, that dream has vanished ", sentence Alonso before Readings.