Use Pandarow - The Best Way to Learn Chinese

Use Pandarow - The Best Way to Learn Chinese

31 December 2018 Monday 16:33
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Use Pandarow - The Best Way to Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese can be a daunting task as it involves a lot of aspects. For instance, the language is all about speaking tones and does not have an alphabet in regards to character. It is more about visual characters that involve strokes and radicles. The language literary involves a lot of memorizing of meanings, tone, pronunciation, and characters.

If that’s not hard enough, Chinese is quite different from other languages especially English. The Chinese language does not have a plural. They add the word many in front of a singular word to make it plural. The language also does not put into consideration gender. So, words like she and her do not exist. But with the right tools at your disposal, learning Mandarin Chinese becomes an easy task. One such tool is Pandarow, an App and website that facilitates the learning of Chinese.

Click here and watch what Pandarow can do for you.

Why Use Pandarow to Learn Chinese

Pandarow is available as an App for learners who wish to access it through their mobile devices like phones and tablets. Learners who have access to desktops and laptops can access Pandarow through the website. The App is available for both mobile phones’ Operating Systems. Android users can access the App in Play Store through this link while iOS users can get the App on the Apple Store through this link. Being available on all platforms makes the App easily accessible thus making learning Chinese easy.

But the most important question is what is it about Pandarow that makes it easier to learn Chinese?

Under normal circumstances, learning in a classroom is easier and better as compared to the online platform. In the classroom, feedback is instant and one gets to interact with their fellow students. Since Pandarow is a platform that helps you learn Chinese online, is it difficult? Well, the direct answer is "NO." The App has incorporated components that help mimic the classroom environment.

Components of Pandarow

These are the interfaces available in Pandarow that help users learn Chinese easily and efficiently as well as enjoy it at the same time.

Daily Learning Platform

Pandarow offers its users with courses under four levels categorized from easy to hard. This is to cater for beginners who do not understand anything about the language. The advanced levels are for learners who are close to speaking and writing the language fluently. Advanced learners can take on professional accredited tests such as HSK.

The beginner level simply teaches learners how to say their names and simple Chinese sentences like greetings. While, in advanced levels, learners should be able to speak and write complete Chinese sentences and probably hold a conversation in the native language. Pandarow is advanced enough to teach users Mandarin Chinese using the Chinese Pinyin system. Chinese Pinyin is the standard Chinese in mainland China. It is used for teaching Mandarin Chinese.

The learning process is voice aided using natural voices from native speaking Chinese. The audio assist is to help learners get the right intonation and pronunciation; something that a computer-generated voice cannot hack. The phenomenon is available for all other platforms available in Pandarow.

Learning the language includes writing it. Writing characters in Chinese is difficult and that is why Pandarow has offered a platform to help you write the Chinese characters.

Pandarow Dictionary

Before the App era, learners and tourists visiting China had to walk around carrying English-Chinese dictionaries to help with translations. But this is no longer the case thanks to the Pandarow. The dictionary allows users to translate English words into Chinese. Other than Chinese, the dictionary can translate to Pinyin. The Pandarow dictionary is not one-sided, it can translate from Pinyin to Grammar or Chinese. Now that Pandarow introduced Spanish, the App and website have grown to a greater level.

With the dictionary, the voice assist helps in giving the right pronunciation as well as the right tone. Pandarow also incorporates thousands and millions of sentences that help learners in conceptualizing how the words in the dictionary can be used and said.

Ask Panda

Ask Panda is a Q&A forum that helps learners interact with other learners using Pandarow. Sharing their experiences helps each other learn fast. They can also ask local native Chinese speakers about anything related to culture and language. When questions are asked, feedback is immediate. This is unlike other online language platforms that would take a couple of days. The interaction experience is more like in a classroom thus making learning easier.

Questions asked about the language can be HSK related to help learners that are about to take the test.

Apart from the three main platforms mentioned, Pandarow has a platform that issues articles about the Chinese culture. It is important for people learning the language to understand the Chinese culture. Users also have access to weather reports, China News, China Cities, Study in China, Jobs in China, Travel in China, and China Scholarships like in the Confucius Institute.

With Pandarow, learners get a wholesome experience in learning Chinese and its culture. In the process, make new friends that they can learn together even though they may be miles apart.

Learn Chinese online with Pandarow!

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