These are the most interesting new camper vans from the Düsseldorf caravanning show

In a matter of weeks, the Barcelona International Caravaning Show will open its doors, the biannual event where you can meet, see and touch the latest developments in the sector.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 September 2023 Saturday 11:26
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These are the most interesting new camper vans from the Düsseldorf caravanning show

In a matter of weeks, the Barcelona International Caravaning Show will open its doors, the biannual event where you can meet, see and touch the latest developments in the sector. Many of them were presented a few days ago at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, the most relevant meeting at the European level and which marks the beginning of a new season.

As will also happen at the Catalan fair, this year's Caravan Salon was characterized by the expansion of areas underlying this type of activity, such as accessories for caravans or camping, but also outdoor sports clothing, activities and services. tourism. However, the most important developments continue to involve four wheels and, more specifically, the camper segment.

The most versatile models in the world of caravanning continue to gain followers, but it is the concept of freedom that applies to any novelty today. A spirit that is shared by any of the models we present below, starting with the Citroën Type H Holiday present at the Stellantis group stand. A group very involved in its commercial range, from which it extracts the most authentic creations for the camping enthusiast.

This prototype is a tribute to the iconic Type H, a van that was produced from 1948 to 1981 and that, today, will be familiar to you as it is home to countless food trucks. However, the idea of ​​​​the aesthetic kit, which has been designed by the Italian Caselani, is just an excuse. The real novelty is found in its cabin, since it shows the evolution that the Citroën SpaceTourer camper will follow in future generations.

From this prototype it is understood that there will be a second sliding door in the next Stellantis campers, in addition to a more compact module for the kitchen, sink and refrigerator, which can be accessed from the outside. The leap in quality of the furniture is palpable, as well as a better distribution of the cargo space, a worked electrical network and a second bed in the space of the pop-up roof.

Before passing through the Munich Motor Show (IAA 2023), the future Volkswagen California T7 made a stop in Düsseldorf. Developed on the basis of a Multivan T.7, the Bulli has been revealed as a prototype very close to production (2024). It will also arrive with the second sliding door and its side cabinet is now extendable, so they add a cooking plate and maintain a gas stove to gain autonomy.

The refrigerator is now on the side, so we can access the food from the driver's side, and the individual rear seats. This option allows us to move the bench one by one, offering more space for large objects. We can even remove them to travel with bicycles and use only the upper bed, which does not present changes. As a relevant detail: the next Volkswagen California may be a plug-in hybrid.

We stayed at the German firm to talk about another novelty, the Volkswagen Amarok Camper. In this case, the Genesis company, specialized in camping preparations and accessories, has developed a module that can be easily installed in the box of the Volkswagen pick-up. As the brand assures, its assembly does not involve drilling or modifying the vehicle, so it does not entail approval either.

This structure, called Alu-Cab, closes the rear cargo space to turn it into a closet full of drawers, tables and spaces to install a kitchen, refrigerator and even an awning on the roof. A roof tent is fixed on this module, taking advantage of the Amarok's own rails to create an elevated bed protected by the fabric, which in turn has the appropriate windows for ventilation and lighting.

As in the world of automobiles, motorhome and camper manufacturers try to revolutionize the market with innovative proposals. The most striking of the Caravan Salon is the Weinsberg X-Cursion CUV, which reminds us of the Knaus Tourer CUV due to its compact size and the pop-up roof solution.

It is a retractable roof concept that maintains a contained height during circulation and grows to 2.17 m when camping, offering an interior space similar to that of a motorhome. The fabric of this structure is HYONIC, waterproof, breathable and hydrophobic, and it only has one seam on the back. In addition, it is raised electrically.

The cabin has the same configuration as a large-volume camper, but the upper area has extendable fabric cabinets that shrink during circulation. The bathroom debuts a flexibility solution similar to that seen in the Knaus Tourer Van, since the shower module is raised or hidden depending on our needs. Of course, the chemical toilet is always accessible.

Finally, Mercedes-Benz did not want to miss the event with its new Marco Polo, renewed in the equipment and design section. As in the rest of the commercial models, this camper debuts an updated and sporty front, especially in the AMG Line finish.

The substantial evolution is reflected in the cabin, with a dashboard with two 12.3-inch panoramic screens, haptic buttons on the multifunction steering wheel and a wireless charging space on the center console. In the camping section, the new Marco Polo uses the Airmatic air suspension to level itself during camping, a practical and quick solution.