Opel completely renews the Grandland: larger, more attractive, technological and electrified

Opel has unveiled the new generation of the Grandland.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 April 2024 Tuesday 18:24
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Opel completely renews the Grandland: larger, more attractive, technological and electrified

Opel has unveiled the new generation of the Grandland. Developed on the new mid-STLA platform of the Stellantis group –already used by the Peugeot 3008-, this model is larger than its predecessor and has a wide range of electrified propulsion systems, which includes a 100% electric version with a range of up to 700 kilometers.

The renewal of this SUV is inspired by the design of the Experimental prototype that the brand unveiled last September at the Munich Motor Show. Thus, it is the first production car that includes elements seen in the aforementioned concept car. We refer, for example, to the illuminated front logo and rear signature with the name “Opel”.

The new front beam emblem is accompanied by a major lighting innovation: the Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD, a technology with 25,600 elements in each headlamp that distribute light in a way that cuts out objects more precisely than a standard Matrix lighting system and They improve road visibility without dazzling other drivers.

The new Grandland grows about 17 centimeters in length compared to its predecessor, so that it now measures 4.65 meters. This extra length has led to an increase in the wheelbase, which reaches 2.78 meters. The width is also 6.4 cm greater – reaching 1.9 meters – as is the height, which rises to 1.66 meters (2 cm more).

This dimensional increase improves habitability and load capacity. The trunk, depending on the version, has up to 550 liters in its five-seat configuration, which can reach 1,641 liters by folding down the backrest of the rear bench. Additionally, inside there are various spaces and compartments to store small objects.

The driver enjoys a high position, with good visibility. The steering wheel is flattened at the top and bottom. The instrument panel is 10-inch digital, while the central screen of the infotainment system, with artificial intelligence technology, is 16-inch landscape. Some of the materials used in the interior are sustainable. The driver's seat is available with ventilation and massage function.

The mechanical range has three alternatives, none of them diesel. The first is a 48 V microhybrid equipped with a 136 HP gasoline engine. The second is a plug-in hybrid, with a range in electric mode of 85 kilometers (enjoy the advantages of the DGT 0 Emissions label). The last is a 100% electric variant that can travel up to 700 kilometers on a charge; In a quick shot you can recover up to 80% of the battery power in 26 minutes. We will have to wait a while to find out more information about this section, as well as about the price that the Grandlad will have in Spain, which will hit the market during the last quarter of the year.

In terms of safety, it is equipped with a wide range of driver assistance systems, including Automatic Cruise Control with Stop function.