DS 3 Hybrid, the Eco version that was missing from the range and that will convince the doubters

DS Automobiles is doing things well, within the technological umbrella of the powerful Stellantis group.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 April 2024 Thursday 23:19
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DS 3 Hybrid, the Eco version that was missing from the range and that will convince the doubters

DS Automobiles is doing things well, within the technological umbrella of the powerful Stellantis group. Thus, progressively, the French industrial group is applying the new 1.2 gasoline engine with light hybridization and ECO label to the models of its brands.

And now it is the turn of the DS 3, the first model to use it from the French luxury firm. Thus, under the name Hybrid, the DS 3 is available with the new electrified motorization that guarantees comfort and versatility of use, thanks to a battery that recharges during braking and acceleration.

This technology allows a reduction in fuel consumption of almost 20%, in WLTP approval. And, even more interesting if possible, the possibility of making more than 50% of urban routes in electric mode. No CO2 emissions.

Until now, DS offered the 100 and 130 HP PureTech gasoline versions in the urban SUV range, and also the 130 HP BlueHDi diesel version. In addition to the 156 HP E-Tense electric variant with a more modern battery that allows a WLTP range of 402 kilometers.

However, a hybrid-type Eco version was missing to deal with urban traffic in large cities and low-emission zones (ZBE). To this end, DS is now launching the DS 3 Hybrid with the new 1.2-liter non-plug-in hybrid engine. An engine, by the way, that is already used in the Citroën C4 and C5, Fiat 600, Jeep Avenger, Opel Corsa or Peugeot 208 models.

The new DS 3 Hybrid allows you to start silently using only electric energy, drive without CO2 emissions and have the gasoline engine available if more power is required. The option to drive only with the electric motor allows for quieter operation, as well as comfort in the city and a really smooth ride.

For urban use of several kilometers, this technology makes it possible to drive electrically for more than 50% of the travel time with a benefit of up to 40% in fuel consumption.

On the road, the combination of gasoline and electric power provides efficiency and flexibility. The electric motor provides additional torque at low revs and, in the event of harsh acceleration, an increase in power allows for greater performance with reduced fuel consumption.

In addition, the battery is automatically charged while driving, thanks to the gasoline engine, without having to plug in any cables or wait. And the use of the brakes is reduced, since in the deceleration phases energy is recovered by braking naturally.

And, for the safety of pedestrians, a slight warning noise (AVAS) is emitted when the car passes at a speed of up to 30 km/h.

Compared to the DS 3 PureTech 130 Automatic, the DS 3 Hybrid consumes 20% less with a reduction of 27 grams per kilometer of CO2 (or 19%). In the city, the reduction in consumption is up to 38%.

The DS 3 Hybrid has a 136-horsepower gasoline engine coupled to a new six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox that incorporates a 28-horsepower electric motor. A 0.43 kWh battery powers the self-charging electrical system. The gasoline engine is an evolution of the well-known three-cylinder engine with 1,199 cc.

The electric motor is integrated into the new e-DCS6 six-speed dual-clutch transmission. During deceleration, the electric motor acts as a generator to recover energy and power the battery located under the floor.

Once underway, as the change from one engine to another is imperceptible, the speed indicator turns blue when driving on electric power alone.

The digital display can show the power flow, along with the battery charge level and its operating status, through a power meter. The percentage of distance traveled on electric power alone is displayed on the on-board computer and also at the end of the trip.

And to educate drivers on this hybrid technology, each customer is offered a brief training during the delivery of the new DS 3 Hybrid. The goal is to make it easier for you to maximize your driving comfort and efficiency.

On the other hand, DS Automobiles explains that the installation of the new mechanical elements allows the same spaciousness in the cabin and the same trunk capacity, 350 liters, as in the gasoline versions. An urban SUV, remember, that measures 4.12 meters in length, 1.79 meters in width and 1.53 meters in height.