Must postpone the funeral indefinitely: - It is a load

on Monday morning dead the popular journalist and author Karen Thisted, after she had called 112 and reported about the breathing problems. She was 73 years o

Must postpone the funeral indefinitely: - It is a load

on Monday morning dead the popular journalist and author Karen Thisted, after she had called 112 and reported about the breathing problems. She was 73 years o

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Ann McDonald
20 mart 2020 Friday 12:00
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Must postpone the funeral indefinitely: - It is a load

on Monday morning dead the popular journalist and author Karen Thisted, after she had called 112 and reported about the breathing problems.

She was 73 years old.

Her daughter, Marlene Thisted, have ever since been in the process of planning Karen Thisted's funeral.

But the spread of the coronavirus has very much hampered the process. The potentially deadly virus, as you know, led to the Danish government has introduced a ban on that more than ten persons are grouped together - also in the context of various religious practices in the communities. It also has implications for the burial and funeral services, are scheduled in Denmark in the coming time.

Although just funerals and funeral services are exempted from the ban and therefore still allowed to be implemented, with more than ten persons, there are special rules for funeral services and burials that are to take place.

the Number of persons that may participate in a funeral service or funeral, depends on how big the church is. In the future there must be a minimum of four square meters of floor area per. person.

If the church is 200 square feet, shall thereby not be more than 50 persons, and there must be distance between people.

Just as the restrictions have been Marlene Thisted to expose his mother's funeral service for an indefinite time, and she does not know when it will be possible to say a final goodbye to his mother.

the Framework around the bisættelsen is however in place. The bisættelsen is going to take place in Kristkirken on Enghave Plads in Copenhagen, where the priest will be Mette Gramstrup. After bisættelsen there will be gravøl in the Press in the JP/Politiken's House, where her former colleagues from, among others, Extra Blade can get the opportunity to say a last goodbye.

- We can't get to bisætte her now, because there are the restrictions, so we are waiting, for they are away. As soon as they are gone, we do it, " says Marlene Thisted to Ekstra Bladet.

- We hope and believe, that there come very many to Karen's funeral. We would like to have, that all of her friends have the opportunity to come, and that it will be a big funeral, where everyone can participate, she says further.

According to Marlene Thisted, though, it is hard not to know when it will be possible for her and the rest of the family to say a last goodbye to Karen Thisted.

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- It is not so fun when relatives die in the middle of coronatid. It is an extra load. The whole thing is delayed, and you can feel that the society is not up in gear. Of course, it is a burden and frustration that we do not know when we can come to bisætte Karen, " she says, and adds:

A funeral or a funeral is often where you get said really good-bye, and where it really goes up for one, that the person has passed away. So it is a serious thing to get postponed it to say goodbye. One is that the school, shops and other things closes. But suddenly it dawned on me, god - I can't bury my mother. It is very serious, I think, and I'm very sorry. If it were us, we would the be able to do it now, " says Marlene Thisted.

Yet it seems Marlene Thisted, denmark, that the authorities have been sweet to take the situation in hand.

- the Society is in a form of a state of emergency, but I think that all has been really sweet. Police, funeral services and all are really nice, and there is in a way a new community in the here time, where all have understanding for each other.

Karen Thisted must wait to be encouraged - at least just yet. Photo: Gregers Tycho

According to Marlene Thisted it has several times been up for consideration, whether they should keep Karen Thisted's funeral, despite the limitations due to the coronavirus, but the family quickly came forward to, that it was not the right solution for them.

- There are some of us who choose to hold funerals and funeral services yet. But it would not be in Karen's spirit, and it would not be right for us as a family. The whole family would not even have been able to be there, " she says, and adds:

- Even if we had chosen to keep bisættelsen with the restrictions, people are still too scared and worried about the coronavirus. So, even if you chose to keep it in the here times, there were perhaps many who would not come, because they are nervous. My mother has many older friends, and I will not risk, that they can't or don't dare to come. They must also have the opportunity to participate, so this is the solution we choose, says Marlene Thisted.

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Karen Thisted, personally, have wanted to be burned, and when bisættelsen is over, the immediate family at another time spread Karen Thisted's ashes out over the sea, exactly as Karen Thisted even wanted it.

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According to Marlene Thisted, have her telephone has not stood still since the news of her mother's death hit Extra Magazine and other media.

Here has several wondered whether Karen Thisted had coronavirus, and whether or not it led to her death. But that was not the case, stresses his daughter.

She had not corona. She had a blood clot in the lungepulsårerne, and that was it, she died. I said yes to, that she was tested for corona, but that was not it, that was the reason.

Karen Thisted, together with Marlene Bradford and her son. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

Marlene Thisted tells that she was in contact with his mother the day before she died, and that she was in good spirits and sounded relatively fresh.

It happened very suddenly for Karen. I spoke with her the evening before at six o'clock. She had a powerful voice, but she was not quite at the top. But it was not that we thought she was dying, " she says, and adds:

- When the police came and said it (that she was dead, red.) the day after, it was a shock for me and my son, Adam. When people are sick in a long time, you get to say good-bye in a different way than when the police comes and tells it. The funeral or bisættelsen is a good thing for them, not the sad and held in the hand at the end. Even though I spoke with her to the last, had I not the feeling of getting to say good-bye. A funeral service is a way to say goodbye, and where you understand that it is final. We get it's not the same. I would like to have, but it is the here times, and it can't be different, she says.

Marlene Thisted at the same time wants to thank you for all the loving thoughts, she has been in the difficult time after her mother has passed away.

Karen had so many friends. Since her death, came forward in the Extra Magazine and other media, my phone has not stood still. I've gotten so many messages, so I have not been able to do anything else. It has been so solid, " she says, and continues:

- It has been so fine, what people have said. It has been really nice and touching.

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