It happens when your gf says no to sex

You are putting up for sex, your gf is on it and everyone is happy and fro. But what happens then, when sexinitiativet rejected? It is never nice to be reject

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It happens when your gf says no to sex

You are putting up for sex, your gf is on it and everyone is happy and fro. But what happens then, when sexinitiativet rejected?

It is never nice to be rejected sexually by her boyfriend. And now, researchers have found out that it takes up to two days to get over it.

the Reverse: To be received with a yes keep a day's time.

115 canadian couples participated in the study ‘Responses to sexual advances and satisfaction in romantic relationships: Is yes good and no bad?’

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the Researchers would, among other things, investigate the impact has to be rejected, and what effect it has to be requested by the boyfriend.

and with that most of the studies show that a relationship works best if the sexual arousal is fairly stable, and that the afterglow of sex keeps up to two days, there is an interesting challenge in that other studies suggest that every second sexinitiativ in a stable relationship is rejected.

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the Researchers had hypothesized that the rejections, regardless of whether it is oneself or the partner who says no, has a negative effect. The rejects, get guilt, while the one being rejected, feel example less desire. But know also, that it is to receive a sexinitiativ can get people to feel attractive and lusted, whether you say yes or no.

In 21 days led to the participants a diary of their sexinitiativer and their sexafvisninger. They took or her the initiative to sex, and was it accepted or rejected? At the same time, participants were also every day to indicate how satisfied they were with sex and marriage.

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the Results speak a clear language, like most in the relationship can understand:

your sexinitiativ accepted, you are on the day more satisfied with both your relationship and your sex life. It also increases the satisfaction the day after, but this study could not find data showing that it applies after 48 hours.

Conversely, it turns out that it reduces the satisfaction with the sexual arousal in 48 hours, when you get to his sexinitiativ rejected.

It indicates that although the potential gains from taking a sexinitativ is high (if it is accepted), the cost can be lengthy, if it is rejected.

According to the researchers, it goes fine in line with psychological studies that suggest that negative experiences have greater impact than positive.

Unfortunately, it does so, that it can feel like a (big) risk to take the initiative to sex, if you are unsure of whether it will be favourably received, so to keep up with to send the signal ‘shall we have sex?’ Which then can lead to less intimacy, cohesion and joy that sex could otherwise provide. And then we have a vicious circle.

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But what does it mean then to be the target for my boyfriends sexinitiativ? On the day it was actually associated with greater satisfaction with sexual arousal - whether you said yes or no. It increases the simply the feeling of being attractive and wanted. Even for up to 72 hours.

As always, reservations are taken by this type of scientific studies: a Few participants and a part of the effects rather small.

The most marked effect shows that it is to get accepted or to accept a sexinitiativ increases the joy of sexual arousal on the day. In other words: Grow you sex, are you happy with your sex life - and it is hardly a revolutionary discovery...

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Seksualrådgiver Michael Loua comes with a number of directions for what the pair can do in a classic situation:

the Couple is on the couch. All is well. He begins to pet her neck and gently massaging her shoulders. And already here, she begins to stiffen - for she thinks, oh no is this the beginning of the prelude? And maybe he is upset by the rejection, which is located in her forkrampelse.

She should say: Ahhhh, it is delicious, keep, it is just what I need, but darling, I'm completely done, I love your caresses, and you are so good at massaging, but I don't think I'm built for more right now.’

We know not what he will, him in the couch, points to the Loua. If he will be good and have the desire to massage her tired shoulders, everything is good.

- So he can at some point say: 'Now I do not bother more, or my hands are tired. Jerk you a bit, so I can lie beside you.' And then they can lie there and enjoy being close.

But if the man want more, if he, in fact, want sex, then it's his ego that pushes itself in, and how some ego's can be a little noisy, points out Michael Loua:

- So she's not really in his ego's calculations. And if the ego gets, or can't wait, then there is trouble, and so he becomes sour or angry over rejection. Then he must say 'hello ego, it is not your turn tonight, too bad, but this is it!' Then he must take a player or surf porn or go for a walk or thinking about something else. It goes over!

The good reaction is to take an interest in what she tells and perhaps examine what it covers, and whether she fx is down for the time being, states seksualrådgiveren:

- So, be a good and caring partner, in which the gain is to learn her beloved's better to know. 'Hello ego, fuck of with you, there is something else now,' he must say. So will be in touch non-committal for her, which is already squashed, and so she gets peace in the soul, and then put that into tillidskontoen.

The bad reaction is to be offended:

And then it goes wrong. If he backs and says 'so it's damned hard to also be of equal', so does he really the goat in the. So she gets feelings of guilt over saying no, which she's 100 percent right, and so they get a conflict, and then he gets more distance instead of less distance.

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