Australian F1-failure: the Teams committed rebellion

When the Formula 1 is in town, wakes up the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda to the screeching sound of a two seat Minardi races with the V10 engine, which provide

Australian F1-failure: the Teams committed rebellion

When the Formula 1 is in town, wakes up the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda to the screeching sound of a two seat Minardi races with the V10 engine, which provide

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13 mart 2020 Friday 21:00
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Australian F1-failure: the Teams committed rebellion

When the Formula 1 is in town, wakes up the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda to the screeching sound of a two seat Minardi races with the V10 engine, which provides the economically a quick tour of the Albert Park.

on Friday morning, it could still be heard, while the local fans dressed in Daniel Ricciardos yellow Renault gear stood on the tram to the race track.

In principle, had the teams led by Mercedes and Ferrari already long since pulled the rug out from under the race. They responded promptly to the coronaramte mechanic, which late on Thursday was McLaren's to retire.

No one was to know for over half a day, while the local organizers and the authorities, Formula 1's owners Liberty Media and the international motorsportsforbund, FIA, fighting about who should press the stop button, and for what reasons.

In other words: Who ends up with the bill.

As thousands of spectators - in the middle of a coronapandemi - huddle together at the entrances and got first in the middle morning message that they could not get into.

using a variety of sources in the paddock have Extra Leaf together the bizarre scenario to the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix. Where the lack of leadership and decisions permeated the entire process, and those in power tried to get others to make their decisions for them and get others to pay.

It is a textbook example of how NOT to handle crisis communication.

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Fear not the virus

of 300,000 spectators over the grandprixweekenden was no problem, found it at the top responsible for Australia's health authorities on Monday. There was no evidence of transmission in the state of Victoria.

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In isolation

May is get infected in Australia, but the australians and the Formula 1 either underestimated or ignored the risk, by inviting the approximately 3000 persons in the total company to the country.

The first two Haas-mechanics volunteered with a cold on Wednesday morning, while a McLaren mechanic showed clear symptoms of the disease.

Haas was early in vogue, but none of the four team members had corona. Photo: William West/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

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Hamilton: - Money is everything

Thursday is press day in Formula 1, and the flow in the coronaens shadow. Contact between the riders, press and fans was kept to a minimum. The majority expressed confidence in authorities and the sport's rulers.

Lewis Hamilton ... not so much.

Money is everything, was the dry comment from the world champion.

- I'm very, very surprised that we are here. It is good that we have races, but for me it is shocking that we all sit here (in the media center, ed.), he said.

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McLaren withdraws

The first Haas-mechanics was tested on Wednesday at 9.30 am. In the course of the next day was a total of eight persons from the paddock studied. At 22 on Thursday night was the results. Seven were negative, but McLaren-the mechanic had corona.

the Agreement was that the sport responsible should report the results out, but it would the british do not wait. They were prepared, went solo and announced to the press about the positive test. Of respect to the teams, the rivals and the public's safety they would not run the race.

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crisis meeting

F1's topboss, Liberty Media, Chase Carey was in transit from Vietnam to the sporting boss Ross Brawn orchestrated a late meeting with the leaders of the nine other teams in a hotel in Melbourne.

the Waves went high.

Red Bull and søsterholdet Alpha Tauri struggled to settle during. Now it was here, and there remaining only three days. Just a little, it helped, for Mercedes and Ferrari put the chair to the door.

Formula 1 is meant as showbizz; it should not be the shitshow, the song contest was about to develop into. The decision for the teams that Haas was taken for them. Mercedes and Ferrari would be back home to Europe, and their motorfolk had with ...

in the Middle of the night, writes the BBC that the song contest is canceled.

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the Failure completed

At the Emirates-departure EK409 Friday morning at 6.00 sat Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel on seat 1A and Alfa Romeo Kimi Räikkönen two rows behind.

Nothing official had come from Formula 1 or the organizers, as the screeching Minardi races took to the Albert Park, and fans flocked to the line.

Neither the international motorsportsforbund, the FIA, or Formula 1's commercial owners, Liberty Media, communicated a word about, whether there at all is something. Only the australian organizers registered the positive corona test, mclaren's decision and found that there now was a debate on what it should have by consequence.

the medical officer said to the local media, that the race can be held without spectators. Støtteløbet ‘Supercars’ to notify that you expect to run. Speculation in a skandaleløb as Indianapolis 2005 with only six cars started, while the fight on the bill continued in the wings.

the Crowd was unhappy, but it is now not only the FIA's fault. The scramble became particularly between the commercial owners and the australian organizers and authorities. Photo: William West/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

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Mercedes: pressing button

An hour later the bell 10.02 sent Mercedes a message to F1's permanent press corps: the Germans withdrew. They are bored of it on the fan's behalf, but it is neither sporty or health responsible to run the races, it said.

Five minutes later was the press release sent out, and then came the FIA, Liberty Media, and australians as a trip-trap-clogs in the next minutes.

Completely blank in Albert Park. Photo: Glenn Nicholls/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

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a 25-minute hot air

At a well-attended press conference that it was held outdoors asked F1 boss Chase Carey, who in the meantime had arrived in Australia, up to the press conference together with the local organizers.

It was a small half an hour of platitudes without the answers to right questions. It was safe to take to Australia and what with next week's race?

- the Situation has continued to develop drastically. If you look four days back, was it different, both in Europe and the UNITED states, said Carey.

- Here they had events with 100,000 people, and you need to understand that we are a sport, travel the globe and moved most of the stuff here in the last weekend.

Lewis Hamilton's criticism got this reply on the way:

- If money were everything, we would not have taken the decision we did. With the benefit of hindsight we would have done things different, said the F1 boss.

the Bill hanging organizers on to begin with, but there will be negotiations in the coming time in order to mitigate the fall.

A pretty well-attended press conference ... Photo credit: TRACEY NEARMY/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

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the McLaren employees in quarantine

That Chase Carey took the stage, we received yet another press release from McLaren. The team had to be on the safe side put additional 14 members of the team in two weeks ' isolation on hotel rooms in Melbourne; all were close colleagues with the infected.

Friday afternoon was also the races in Bahrain and Vietnam cancelled, so that now only run Formula 1 in may.

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