Three individuals in white masks have been found burning down the family's house

Two of the juveniles have been 16 years old and yet is 15, Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen explained.

28 January 2021 Thursday 06:53
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Three individuals in white masks have been found burning down the family's house

"All these are the people that we think are responsible for this dreadful crime," Pazen stated at an afternoon news conference at Denver.

On Aug. 5 in roughly 3:30 a.m., authorities say three suspects in spooky face masks approached a home not far from Denver International Airport in darkness, sparking a fire that caught people inside and burnt so deeply it ruined neighbor's houses on each side.

The suspects, who weren't identified because of their ages, are confronting a litany of fees such as first-degree murder, attempted murder, first-degree attack, burglary and arson. Police say that they had been taken into custody in their houses in neighboring Jefferson County. They aren't related, but authorities say the three understood each other.

Pazen wouldn't go over the alleged suspects' motives, citing a desire to defend the integrity of this investigation and accomplish a successful prosecution. But, Pazen said researchers concluded that race doesn't seem to be a element in the offense.

"The proof that we've discovered and the situation and facts that we've found don't signify that this can be really a bias-motivated crime," Pazen explained.

The situation place the Senegalese community on border as it went sour for weeks , even though a reward that climbed to $50,000 and appeals from family and friends for hints. Authorities said that they assigned two detectives to perform the situation full time and needed assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in addition to the U.S. Secret Service.

"They've done an incredible job with this. There was quite limited information we had," Pazen explained. "This was complex an investigation as I am aware of in my whole career. Plus they did an wonderful job."

Community members that had grown increasingly frustrated at the apparent lack of advancement praised investigators following Wednesday's arrests.

"We're thankful, but we're still in pain," said Papa Dia, creator of the African Leadership Group and a household representative. "Arrests are made, but we know that it's not likely to attract those gorgeous individuals back."

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