This is how a sweet makes me bitter

The welfare state is a great invention.

24 October 2022 Monday 16:43
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This is how a sweet makes me bitter

The welfare state is a great invention. Yesterday I saw a mother breastfeeding her baby on a terrace, in the sun, and I said to myself: you live like this blessed man and you still complain!

I already understand that the welfare state, in the abstract, is fabulous, but yesterday I had a double immersive experience: Finance and Health, two pillars, two bastions, two conquests...

Early in the morning, a blood test. I thought I would go with breakfast but my friends who understand the medical issue made my pups ugly.

- You can't even drink water!

I planted myself in the sanitary cubicle at about half past nine, assuming that they would have already flagged half the citizens and would have a fine pulse.

Three chatty nurses worried about my well-being:

–Do you already know that with this analysis you can have breakfast earlier?

It didn't seem appropriate to invite them to a fork breakfast, a carajillo and a Winston, but they didn't lack desire. They executed the lot with purity, I didn't bleed to death and on my own feet I went to an appointment with no ulterior motives at the Treasury office.

Although he had a clear conscience, everything was to enter the economic pillar of the Welfare State and start saying good morning, to demonstrate that the nondescript building, the hieratic faces – these have seen them in all colors! – and the rigor budget did not make a dent in my spirit and honesty. You have nothing to fear! Well, not for those...

In the middle of the afternoon, I learned, from the mouth of the brand new Minister of Health, that they will continue to require a mask in taxis. Just in case! Nice philosophy. What I always say: you give confidence to the Welfare State and it takes you away from tobacco, from women and from Cubalibre.

At about a quarter past nine at night, the day of the Welfare State ended – which I share with the reader and thus we have an open day – with an ultrasound of I don't know what organ (not virile). You have to take care of yourself. And fuck off! Three days prior without "having sex" and then they will say that sex is life.

How wonderful is the welfare state! Especially from afar...



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