The revolution that allows you to sell your apartment in 7 days

The real estate market is changing.

24 November 2022 Thursday 23:32
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The revolution that allows you to sell your apartment in 7 days

The real estate market is changing. A few years ago, the options for selling a flat in Spain were limited to traditional real estate advice, that is, to physical offices where a professional could be contacted to mediate the sale in exchange for a commission. This alternative is still valid and arouses the interest of many home sellers, but times change and the irruption of technology is revolutionizing the market.

In the last decade, for example, iBuyers landed in Spain with an agile and innovative proposal: buy homes in just seven days, without intermediaries or commissions and taking care of all the procedures and paperwork necessary to close the operation.

"The iBuyers proposal is especially interesting in these times, where the demand for homes begins to contract and sales terms tend to lengthen due to the increase in mortgage costs," say the specialists at , website dedicated to real estate comparison. But how do iBuyers work? What advantages do they offer homeowners?

Several iBuyers currently operate in Spain and Clikalia is the one that has grown the most in recent years: not only has it closed million-dollar financing rounds, but it has made more than 30,000 home purchase offers in 2021.

Its operation is very simple. It is enough for the owner to complete a form on his website and request an offer in less than five minutes. Within 24 hours and provided that the home meets a series of requirements, Clikalia sends an initial offer that is completely free and schedules a single visit by a licensed technician, who inspects the home on site. After this instance, he makes a definitive purchase offer, which the owner can accept or reject without obligation. If you accept it, you will be able to sell your apartment and receive the liquidity in just one week.

The technological revolution is what allows iBuyers to make immediate purchase offers. Specifically, they use algorithms capable of cross-checking data from various sources, such as the latest operations closed by the company or the offer prices that are published on real estate portals. On this basis, they estimate the price at which they could acquire the home and issue the offer within a maximum period of 24 hours.

The iBuyers are also in charge of managing all the procedures and paperwork necessary to close the sale, with the peace of mind and security that comes from having the support of experts.

In this way, "not only is the average sales time reduced, but the burden and stress of the operation is also minimized," explains Paula Eseiza, real estate expert at HelpMyCash.

In the conventional sale, a real estate agent estimates an average sale time and designs a strategy to close the transaction at the price agreed with the owner, but in no case can he guarantee that the sale will take place under those conditions. The iBuyers can do it: by being the ones who acquire the property, directly and without intermediaries, they can ensure the closing of the transaction in a certain time and at a certain price.

“The iBuyers proposal is very interesting, not only for those who want or need to sell their apartment quickly; but also for those who do not want to face the stress of buying and selling”, say HelpMyCash specialists. Those who also advise always requesting a purchase offer from an iBuyer before proceeding with the operation.

The offer is completely free and without obligation. If the amount they offer compensates the owner, they will be able to close the operation in a simple, agile and paperless way in just 7 days. If it does not compensate, "you can always contact a real estate agent to continue the sale by the traditional method", conclude the experts of the real estate comparator.



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