"Life is always kind to the daring"

When did he stop being immortal?.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 18:25
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"Life is always kind to the daring"

When did he stop being immortal?

When I started to think before making decisions.

Did you decide without thinking?

This is how youngsters decide, because they are immortal.

Being young is being immortal?

That's how we young people felt then.


In the nineties in Spain, when those of my generation were young.

What were those young people like?

Avid for life and experiences and hungry for music, to have their own band.

How does music come into your life?

My father hosted Discotecario de la noche, a radio program in Argentina, and he educated my ear: Tony Bennett, jazz, tango, ballads, rock, pop, folklore...

And his mother?

“Without books and without music, life is not worth living!” my mother repeated. She was an actress.

You had a very cultured cradle.

They ended up in jail for representing Fuenteovejuna. My parents were blacklisted during the dictatorship.

Was scared?

We had a bad time. One day we sold the fridge and the buyer defended the Malvinas war and my mother expelled him: "My fridge will not be in the house of a fascist!".

vehement character.

We emigrated to Venezuela, to Caracas: all abundance. I studied high school there. My father organized tours of musicians around America: Mercedes Sosa, Facundo Cabral, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Alberto Cortez, Marcel Marceau, Russian ballets, Rosario...

Attracted by show business?

Yes, although I liked writing even more. By writing I understood myself better and I have never stopped doing it.

What study?

Journalism. And I went to Madrid to take a master's degree on Radio Nacional de España (RNE-Radio 1), it was in 1995.

The nineties in Madrid! I understand now...

I was 19 years old. He was immortal. He edited reports, traveled the night, lived in bars, concerts, dressing rooms...

Did you feel foreign?

I decided to be from Madrid: after so many turns I wanted to be Spanish. And I read and asked everything and hatched everything to be from here.

What did you think of us Spaniards?

Amazing: how in so few years did you know how to jump from the dictatorial gray to that colorful vitalism, to the party and freedom that I saw? Amazing.

Hunger for fulfillment, I think.

And then I felt for the first time in my life that I could be the person that I decided to be.

And what about in RNE?

I had a lot of freedom, and I was also road management for artists around the world, like Lo Cortez does not take away Cabral, learning to manage their egos...

What else did you learn?

That which sings the lyrics of the song Ojos de gata.. .

Sabina and Urquijo.

“He commented out there that I was an ordinary kid. But how to explain that I become vulgar when I get off each stage.

And did you become who you wanted to be?

Yes, until one fine day I needed to change my human landscape. And I went to the Dominican Republic.

Why that country?

I took advantage of a job offer in a magazine. It was 2015 and I would be leaving for a year.

With what attitude?

Dare to change, overcome fears.

Was it worth it?

Yes, because life is always kind to the daring.

If you always do the same, Einstein already said...

...The same thing will happen to you as always. That's how it is. My father taught me that in another way.

Let's see?

"What are your plans?" I wondered. "I don't know," I said. And he used to say: “When you don't have a plan, you go into that of others”.

And now what do you do?

I live in Puerto Plata, eight years after arriving in the Dominican Republic, in front of the sea, in an eternal summer. I fell in love and got married. And I write, without excuses.

About what?

About those dreams of when we were immortal and everything was possible... and we drifted without anyone recording us: everyone dreamed of having their own band, the music was analog and there were real musicians.

Not today?

Bizarrap attracts lines of two days, but it does everything with a box of computer programs, bah.

And what happened to those dreams?

None of us emerged unscathed from our 25 years. Excesses take their toll and you lose immortality and discover that faith is... absence of pain.