Landscapes of the growing fascination with autumn

* The authors are part of the community of La Vanguardia readers.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 November 2023 Friday 15:49
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Landscapes of the growing fascination with autumn

* The authors are part of the community of La Vanguardia readers

In a year marked by drought and the most pleasant temperatures, even summery and short-sleeved on some days, autumn has been more of a challenge, but once it has broken out, it has given us numerous landscapes typical of this season of the year. , which have not gone unnoticed in La Vanguardia's Readers' Photos.

I took these photographs during my visit to Molló, in Ripollès. Following the road to go to Prats de Molló, gateway to France, we find the port of Coll d'Ares, at 1512 m altitude. At these times the landscape gives us impressive views with all the autumn colors.

The trees of Montseny announce and show autumn fully.

The beautiful hermitage of Sant Martí Xic, in Osona, is already very close to Lluçanès. It is included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. On top of the nearest mound stood the Voltregà castle, of which today only a few ruins remain. In fact, in ancient times, a wall included this hermitage within the fortification enclosure. Today it is a good observation point and to capture images of the autumn landscape.

Once you have visited the hermitage, taking the Vora Ter path, you can capture the colors of this season around the river, blending with the fog and drizzle.

In this series of photographs we can appreciate the autumn colors of the Berguedà landscape.

We can see some snapshots of an autumn day in Sant Vicenç de Torelló, a little gray and rufous, as befits this season of the year. The path seems to guide us towards the autumn landscape.

The colors of autumn are increasingly more intense as this season of the year progresses. The fogs on the highest peaks seem to want to shelter this landscape.

Beautiful curves on the roads of the La Selva region, in the middle of autumn and with a great variety of deciduous trees. The winding road is surrounded by a great variety of colors and also full of leaves on both sides that form a beautiful carpet of ocher colors.

As its name, La Selva, indicates, in this beautiful wooded and mountainous region, there are roads with many curves, surrounded by beautiful autumn colors.